Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning


Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning AVADA-MEDIA

Python is one of the five most in-demand programming languages in the world, according to DOU. It is versatile and can be used to solve problems on many platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and server operating systems. At the same time, Python has an English-language syntax, which makes the code much easier to read and understand.

Therefore, it is often recommended for learning by novice programmers. On the AVADA MEDIA courses, you can learn Python completely free of charge, and you are guaranteed to find a job in the company after successfully completing practical tasks.

Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning

5 main benefits of Python


5 main benefits of Python AVADA-MEDIA

  • Easy readability of the code. When implementing high-load projects, on which several programmers are working at once, the readability of the code is critical, because each developer must understand what his colleagues are doing. Python dictates strict coding requirements and is designed in such a way as to minimize the number of lines. Therefore, it is always convenient and easy to read it.
  • Wide range of applications. Python is used for developing online and mobile applications, machine learning, when creating games, and is convenient for automating mathematical calculations. Therefore, it can be used to solve almost any problem.
  • Good community and sustainability. Python boasts a large developer fan club and is backed by IT giants such as Google, Facebook, and Spotify.
  • Portability. In many programming languages, code changes are required to run a program on different platforms. Python works differently. By writing the code once, you can run it on any device without additional adjustments.
  • Large library base. When working with Python, the developer does not depend on external libraries. The language is equipped with a powerful standard base of functions that can be used to solve commercial problems, which greatly simplifies the programmer’s work.
Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning

Python Usage Areas


Python Usage Areas AVADA-MEDIA

The Python language is often used on the web and machine learning applications. But his capabilities are not limited to this.

Web development

In web programming, ready-made frameworks are often connected to work with Python, including Pyramid, Pylons, TurboGears, Flask, CherryPy. The most popular of these is Django.

In addition, there are ready-made CMS for developing sites in Python:

  • Django-CMS.
  • Abilian SBE.
  • Ella.
  • Saleor.
  • Wagtail.
  • Another use of Python on the web concerns the development of parsers that automate the collection of data on the web. This is true for online stores and analytical companies.

Examples of popular web resources that use Python tools in whole or in part:

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram.

Mobile development

Development of mobile applications in Python is not so popular. Most often it is used for server side coding. For example, the client of the popular social network Instagram is written in Objective-C, and the server is written in Python.

Development of desktop programs

Python is not a compiled language. That is, until the moment of launching the program written in it is a regular text file.

However, even despite this, the language is often used in the development of desktop applications and programs. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • BitTorrent is a popular online download manager. Up to version 6 was written in Python.
  • Blender is software for creating 3D graphics.
  • GIMP is a graphical editor for Linux.
  • Caliber is a program for viewing and converting e-books of different formats.

Artificial Intelligence

Python is most often used to work with machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence. It can be used as the main language or for the implementation of individual modules.

One of the latest AIs written in Python is AlphaStar, for Starcraft 2. After training, the system was used to play games with real people.


Many popular computer games use Python to implement scripts that handle various events, interact between characters, and trigger scenes.

Several hits using Python:

  • World of Tanks;
  • Civilization IV;
  • Battlefield 2;
  • Starcraft 2, which we already mentioned.

Embedded systems

The language is often used for the development of embedded systems – it is software that is integrated into various physical devices. For example, Python software is used in ATMs and in the Raspberry Pi, a miniature computer the size of a bank card.

Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning

What Areas Python Is Used In


What Areas Python Is Used In AVADA-MEDIA

The versatility of the Python language makes it in demand in many areas of business. Most often, it is used:

  • In system administration. This is where Python lets you automate most of the processes. It is simple, reliable, and supports add-on packages to help you work more efficiently. In addition, this language is pre-installed on all Linux servers.

In scientific research. Python is easy to learn and has libraries designed specifically for research work, such as SciPy, Matplotlib, and NumPy.

  • This makes the language extremely popular among scientists, especially in the fields of exact sciences – physics and mathematics.
  • In Data Science. The Python language is used to write algorithms used by machine learning and AI programs. In addition, the language is used by various services for cloud storage, parsing and data processing. In particular, Google Corporation uses Python to index web resources.
Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning

How global brands use Python


How global brands use Python AVADA-MEDIA

Python is both simple and functional. Due to this, it is often used by companies of various levels – from startups to global brands with a worldwide reputation. For example:

  • Google – for indexing sites and processing traffic.
  • Intel, Cisco, HP and IBM all use the language to test their services.
  • Pixar – for creating animated cartoons.
  • NASA is for scientific research.
  • Facebook and Instagram – for posting, searching and viewing data.
  • US National Security Agency – For encryption and transmission of classified intelligence data.

These are just a few examples from a huge list. Python is also used by such popular services as Pinterest, Mail.ru, Yandex, Dropbox and others.

Python: the pros and cons of the language, what problems it solves and is it worth learning

Cons of Python


Cons of Python AVADA-MEDIA

Despite its many positive qualities, Python also has disadvantages. Let’s consider the most obvious ones.

#1  Low speed

Python is an interpreted language. That is, its code is executed without preliminary compilation in machine language. Therefore, the speed of such execution is significantly inferior to other compiled languages ​​such as C ++, Objective-C, etc.

Another “slowing down” factor is that Python is a high-level language. That is, it looks more like a human than a machine, so its processing takes longer.

# 2 Inefficient memory consumption

Python uses dynamic typing, that is, checking the types of variables in it is performed at runtime, and not at the time of declaration. This simplifies the developer’s work and makes the programming language more flexible, but increases memory consumption and slows down the program.

To solve this problem, you can use TDD – Test Driven Development, which helps to get rid of negative consequences.

How much do Python developers make?


How much do Python developers make? AVADA-MEDIA

According to the Work.ua portal, the average salary of a Python developer in Ukraine in 2021 is UAH 52,500 per month. In similar positions in Kiev, employers offer a little more – UAH 65,000 per month. Data based on an analysis of 92 job openings at the time of writing.  This suggests that Python programmers are extremely popular in the Ukrainian market.

AVADA MEDIA gives you the opportunity to learn the Python language completely free of charge, with the guarantee of employing the best students. Learn from real projects, start your IT career. To start training, apply here.

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