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Internet-marketer Most useful for your business

Making an excellent website to promote products is not enough if your customers do not know about it. Competent Internet marketing will help to reach the widest possible audience of potential buyers. And it is not necessary to start this position in the staff list, especially for FOP. It is enough to contact the company AVADA MEDIA. We offer the services of an Internet marketer on outsourcing, covering all areas of promotion of your product on the network.

What we offer

AVADA MEDIA company works exclusively with tools, the results of which can be measured. Our experts work with all techniques for promoting products on the Internet:

  • SEO (search engine optimization of an Internet resource);
  • contextual advertising;
  • display advertising;
  • SMM (work with any social networks);
  • targeted advertising; lead generation.

Let us dwell in more detail on various areas of promotion

Internet marketing
(En) Analitics, GTM, Ahrefs, SemRUSH

(En) Коплексная аналитика сайта (En) Analitics, GTM, Ahrefs, SemRUSH

(En) На этапе начала страгического маркетингового проекта наши специалисты проводят комплексный анализ сайта и бизнеса клиента в целом. Проводиться анализ ниши, конкурентов, продукта и спроса. Используя при этом современные инструменты (Google Analitics, Search Console, Ahrefs, SemRush), маркетологи AVADA MEDIA составляют маркетинговый план с точными данными и прогнозами будущего продвижения.

Internet marketing
Let us dwell in more detail on various areas of promotion

SEO website promotion Let us dwell in more detail on various areas of promotion

Internet marketing services in the field of search engine optimization include several different components. First of all, we analyze your niche and your potential customer, draw up his portrait.

Next, we conduct an SEO audit of your site, look for its weak points, and fix them. This stage is carried out in parallel with the analysis of sites of the closest competitors. The whole range of actions is aimed at ensuring that both clients and search robots fall on the pages of the site that are most relevant to their requests. At this stage, internal optimization of all pages is performed, including:

  • creation or optimization of the semantic core;
  • query clustering;
  • landing page optimization;
  • filling the site with SEO-optimized content;
  • internal linking;
  • elimination of technical errors.

An important aspect of the work of an online marketer is the search engine promotion of the site. This service involves a whole range of work. To begin with, an analysis is made of competitors’ sites and development of a promotion strategy based on it. After that, the selection of keywords is carried out, which are most often searched for your service or product. They are combined into a semantic core – a set of search terms and phrases that are most relevant to the topic.

Next, we analyze the usability of your site, develop and implement recommendations for improving it. An analysis of the text content of the site is carried out, according to the results of which new or old content is created with the involvement of SEO-copywriters.

Much attention is paid to controlling the behavior of visitors to your site. Namely, what pages visitors visit, where and for how long they are delayed, what conversion rate is the ratio of useful actions to the number of visits. All this information is very useful for developing a plan for further promotion and monitoring of results.

Internet marketing
Google Ads and Yandex.Direct

Contextual advertising Google Ads and Yandex.Direct

An important component of Internet marketing services is setting up contextual advertising of your resource. This is a classic of online advertising, which focuses on the user’s search query and issues ads of your resource in the very top lines of the search or in the side block. We work with Google Ads and Yandex.Direct contextual advertising systems. This kind of pay-per-click advertising, that is, its cost directly depends on its effectiveness. The Internet marketer will create advertising campaigns, launch them and will systematically analyze their effectiveness.

Internet marketing
We know where to find your audience

Targeted advertising We know where to find your audience

A key aspect of effective promotion on the Internet is a correctly selected target audience and delivering an advertising message to it. That is, well-targeted targeting. The services of an Internet marketer at AVADA MEDIA include various types of targeting:

  • on social networks based on user information;
  • mobile targeting – using geolocation data of mobile operators;
  • content targeting – advertising on themed sites, otherwise it is called content-oriented advertising;
  • targeting your competitors;
  • retargeting is an ad aimed at those who have already been to your site.
Social Media Marketing

Promotion in social networks Social Media Marketing

This service of a marketer includes the creation and maintenance of pages and public pages in major social networks, including the creation of high-quality and interesting content for potential users, targeted advertising on social networks, and work with comments. Today, the most interesting social networks for promotion are Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, LiveJournal, Twitter, YouTube.

Separately, Telegram WhatsApp, Viber instant messengers are gaining popularity, with the help of which you can also realize the promotion of your business.

At the same time, within the framework of a unified promotion strategy, a set of actions for SMO is being implemented – site optimization for working with social networks. Simply put, this is an improvement in integration with the social networks in which you plan to advance. For example, adding a comment plugin, a share button, etc.

Fb & Inst

Lidogeneration Fb & Inst

In Internet marketing, a lead is any action of a potential client in which he leaves certain information about himself (usually an email address, phone number). Such information can then be used to directly promote the product. For example, by email marketing methods, direct telephone sales, messaging mailings – it all depends on what kind of information was received.

The number of leads attracted usually measures the effectiveness of the advertising campaign as a whole. Lead generation, on the other hand, is a service aimed at finding potential customers with contact (and possibly demographic) data of a certain type. Powerful sources of such leads are social networks. Our online marketers are able to set up effective lead generation from FB and Instagram with a minimum price per lead.

Internet marketing

Video ad YouTube

People prefer reading videos over reading texts. Therefore, the services of integrated Internet marketing from AVADA MEDIA involve the creation and promotion of video content about your product or service, including video ads on YouTube, Instagram and other resources.

Our cooperation begins with a marketing consultation and the development of a comprehensive strategy for promoting your site, including all of the above approaches. The cost of services is determined after a detailed analysis and preparation of a promotion plan, after which we conclude an agreement on the provision of online marketing services.

Need a comprehensive promotion of your website, blog, online store on the Web? AVADA MEDIA will take care of this!



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