Programming language Java

Java and Spring Framework: developing services and applications Programming language Java

The programming language Java is one of the most widely used technologies in programming. The scope of Java is very wide. For example, in the programming of corporate web products (Java for Enterprise Software Development). Java development also allows you to create:

  • websites of government organizations with online services,
  • educational projects,
  • big-data processing solutions,
  • loaded systems for various purposes,
  • banking and payment systems,
  • corporate CRM / ERM systems.
Pros Java

What are the benefits of Java? Pros Java

The language is widespread due to its advantages, which were appreciated by thousands of Java developers. Pros Java:

  • It is an Object Oriented Language; It is easier to upgrade the old code in it, to build the program structure correctly;
  • The language is platform-independent. It compiles in independent bytecode. Code can be distributed over the Internet and run on the Java Virtual Machine;
  • Java provides a high level of security. The authentication in it is based on public-key encryption;
  • Thanks to the Just-In-Time Java web compiler, development allows you to create high-performance applications and services;
  • Opportunities for multi-threaded work. An experienced Java programmer will be able to create complex interactive applications that perform dozens of tasks simultaneously.

Dozens of various tools have been created for working on Java. That make Java development easier and more productive. One of them is the Spring framework.

Spring Framework

Platform for developing sites and web-services Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a software platform for creating projects based on the Java language. This framework appeared in the early 2000s, since then several versions have already been released.

Java web development is one of the most requested services. Java software allows you to create web applications and sites with complex functionality that can work under heavy load.

Avada-Media’s Java programmers have created dozens of successful sites and web services.

Particularities and features

Web development on Spring Framework Particularities and features

By using it, a Java developer gets more freedom in solving a specific problem. Spring has convenient and well-documented tools for resolving any technical issues. Our Java programmers use all the advantages of the platform for the successful implementation of projects. What are the benefits of Spring Framework?

  • It simplifies application development, testing, and support.
  • The framework operates based on dependencies (DI) and inversion of control (IoC). Due to this, Java programmers find it easier to work in a team, create portable modules, etc.
  • Projects in Spring are divided into subprojects. All their elements can be customized in a single format. Such structure makes it easier for Java developers to develop and maintain applications.
Java and Spring Framework
Our opportunities are your advantages

Specifics of collaboration with Avada-Media Our opportunities are your advantages

Java development is one of the main areas of work of Avada-Media. Our programmers are well aware of the specifics of this language and programming platforms. We use Java in those projects where where its strengths will be most useful.

The company has a team of middle and senior java developers. We have specialists with of 5-year experience.

We carry out all projects on a turn-key basis. If necessary, we can attract other specialists to work:

  • marketers;
  • analysts;
  • testers;
  • interface designers;
  • designers etc.

If you are interested in Java web development or the creation of online services, leave applications today. Just call or write and tell us about the problem you need to solve! Our manager will advise on all matters of cooperation and prepare an individual commercial offer for you.

Choose Avada-Media, make your business tech and effective!

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The best confirmation of our qualifications and professionalism are the stories of the success of our clients and the differences in their business before and after working with us.

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