Development of chat bots for business ChatBot

According to Business Insider analysts, in 2020, 80% of companies will use chatbots. In the future, everyone will have to introduce chatbots into the business. Those who are at the forefront of the process of introducing the latest information technologies always receive additional benefits. Those who refuse to introduce technologies that are used by most competitors will inevitably lose.

ChatBot Development

What is a chat bot ChatBot

Chat Bot is a program that can simulate live human communication. Most often, chatbots are developed and implemented in business for exchanging messages in instant messengers, hence the word chat fell into the name. But it is possible to develop more complex chat bots that can maintain the visibility of communicating with people in audio and video formats.

Chatbot allows a person communicating with him to get an answer to a question that interests him, without the participation of other people and the influence of the human factor. Customers contacting the company often can not clearly articulate their wishes. In order to sell a product or service, companies doing business have to hire personnel who find out the needs of the client, offer him solutions to the problem and, ultimately, make the sale. The more active the company is, the more such personnel are required.

Chat bots can replace live employees with a program that does not get tired, is at the peak of working day and night, and which does not need to be paid.

Salary costs make up a significant part of the total cost of doing business. Reducing costs brings additional competitive advantages.

Depending on the tasks being solved and the ambitiousness of your projects, it is possible to create chat bots that work according to a given scenario, and those that have a machine learning function. When working on a scenario, a specific client call causes a specific response. Unfortunately, if the client cannot formulate the question accurately, problems may arise in communicating with the chatbot.

Chat-bots with machine learning are deprived of this drawback. Such programs use artificial intelligence. Bots of this type are able to understand not commands, but language. Communicating with people, they learn to imitate real conversation, remembering various speech turns and dialogue scenarios. With each new communication, these bots become smarter. If you need to develop a custom bot, first of all, you should pay attention to options with the possibility of machine learning. These options are more complex and expensive, but they are also more effective.


What are the benefits to the business of using chat bots ChatBot

Some companies, instead of using chat bots, prefer developing their own mobile applications. However, statistics show that approximately 69% of potential customers prefer to communicate with bots, instead of installing more and more applications on their gadgets. Accordingly, chat bots expand the reach of potential customers. In addition, business owners using chatbots receive the following benefits:

  • The efficiency of attracting customers increases. A sales person thinks mainly about his salary, and not about the needs of the client, and overloads him with excessive information and offers. It repels many. Chat bot is deprived of this drawback. The client receives unobtrusive answers to questions that interest him and, ultimately, comes to a purchase.
  • Business expenses are reduced. Chatbot is a one-time investment, and you need to pay a salary constantly and, with an increase in turnovers, you have to hire new workers.
  • User data collection and service quality improvement. Chatbots are able to collect information about customers and their reviews. This helps to improve the quality of the company.
  • Possibility of mass distribution of offers. The social and commercial activity of potential customers is increasingly moving to instant messengers and social networks. Based on the classification of customers, you can send messages about goods and services to interested consumers.
  • Creation of software for specific tasks. There is the possibility of developing bots, both for the company’s website, and for telegrams, facebook, vibe, other instant messengers and social networks.
  • The ability to enter new markets. The bot may well communicate in several languages. This creates opportunities for promotion to foreign markets.
  • The ability to embed chatbot into the existing system of interaction with customers.

Using all of these opportunities increases the profit from doing business.

ChatBot Price

The cost of developing chat bots for business ChatBot Price

The cost of developing a chat bot will depend on the complexity of the tasks it solves. There are two possible schemes for determining the cost of a project:

  1. Develop an exact technical task. Based on it, you can accurately calculate the price of the project. Drafting TK is also a paid procedure that takes time, so the second option is often used.
  2. Time wage developers. By increasing the number of developers involved in the project, you can reduce its availability.

Why is a chat bot worth ordering at Avada Media AVADA-MEDIA

Avada Media has been operating in the software development and implementation market for over 9 years. Our software products and solutions developed by us are used by customers in Russia, Ukraine, the CIS countries, the European Union, the USA, and Australia. It is important that Avada Media is a customer-oriented company, we put customer satisfaction above all else.

Therefore, our customers are not only satisfied with the results, but also recommend us to partners.

Increase your business performance right now. Order a chatbot at Avada Media, and you will receive a high-quality product that meets all your wishes and business goals.

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Согласие на обработку персональных данных

Пользователь, оформляя заявку на сайте (далее – Сайт), соглашается с условиями настоящего Согласия на обработку персональных данных (далее - Согласие) в соответствии с Законом Украины "Про захист персональних даних". Принятием (акцептом) оферты Согласия является отправка заявки с Сайта или заказ у Оператора по телефонам Сайта.

Пользователь дает свое согласие на обработку своих персональных данных со следующими условиями:

  1. Данное Согласие дается на обработку персональных данных как без, так и с использованием средств автоматизации.
  2. Согласие распространяется на следующую информацию: ФИО, телефон, электронная почта.
  3. Согласие на обработку персональных данных дается в целях предоставления Пользователю ответа на заявку, дальнейшего заключения и выполнения обязательств по договорам, осуществления клиентской поддержки, информирования об услугах, которые, по мнению Оператора, могут представлять интерес для Пользователя, проведения опросов и маркетинговых исследований.
  4. Пользователь, предоставляет Оператору право осуществлять следующие действия (операции) с персональными данными: сбор, запись, систематизация, накопление, хранение, уточнение (обновление, изменение), использование, обезличивание, блокирование, удаление и уничтожение, передача третьим лицам, с согласия субъекта персональных данных и соблюдением мер, обеспечивающих защиту персональных данных от несанкционированного доступа.
  5. Персональные данные обрабатываются Оператором до завершения всех необходимых процедур. Также обработка может быть прекращена по запросу Пользователя на электронную почту:
  6. Пользователь подтверждает, что, давая Согласие, он действует свободно, своей волей и в своем интересе.
  7. Настоящее Согласие действует бессрочно до момента прекращения обработки персональных данных по причинам, указанным в п.5 данного документа.
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