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E-commerce with the advent of alternative methods of delivery of goods comes to the fore, gradually overtaking the traditional turnover. You can buy online almost everything from food delivery to real estate. Against the backdrop of high competition, demand is growing for original online store sites that can attract, retain and return a customer. AVADA MEDIA meets this demand.

A unique online store attracts and keeps attention of the consumer. A competent approach to search engine optimization raises it to the top lines of search engine results. Modern responsive design and unique, useful content make your online-store interesting for users. All this in combination with development for specific tasks is offered by AVADA MEDIA. Developing an online store is a complex process that has many steps:

  • determination of customer’s portrait, target audience, and business goals;
  • collection of semantic core and development of SEO-optimized site structure;
  • layout development and design of an online store – everything should be in place in an online store, intuitively and adapted to any browsers and mobile devices;
  • frontend development (visible to the user part of the site);
  • software development – backend;
  • filling and SEO-optimization of the online store for better promotion;
  • technical support after the project is completed – updating, improvements, optimization of new pages, etc.;
  • online store promotion: website promotion, advertising, lead generation, etc.
Important design considerations

High conversion Important design considerations

You can make a site with high traffic by untwisting it according to the most frequent requests. However, the user will leave the site which does not meet his needs in a few seconds. The conversion of such a site will be very low, which will lead to its decline in the issuance. Conversion is the ratio of the number of visitors who performed actions useful to the owner – they went to other pages, added goods to the cart, ordered a call back – to the total number of visitors.

Ideally, of course, the target action is to complete an order. We try to ensure that your online store leads a potential buyer across the sales funnel from showing an advertisement or a result in delivery to a purchase, and makes him a regular customer. AVADA MEDIA focuses on the creation of online stores with high conversion.

Important design considerations

SEO-optimized internal site structure Important design considerations

Proper SEO, or search engine optimization, is the basis of the entire online store’s commercial component. Almost all pages of the future online store are displayed in search results, and all of them are interconnected by a system of internal links. Developing a well-thought-out internal structure and optimizing each category and page for specific requests will improve the perception of the site by both search engines and, more importantly, by users. For this, the site must have inherent internal logic and thoughtful functionality. Most often, when creating an online store, the following types of SEO pages are programmed:

  • categories and product cards;
  • information pages – they should provide answers to frequently asked questions;
  • manufacturers with a description of the features and benefits of each;
  • useful articles;
  • filter pages.

The structure of the online store can be vertical, horizontal, or mixed.

Vertical is a branching tree in which the user goes through the chain catalog – category – subcategory – product. For such a structure, we offer a system for ranking goods and searching the catalog.

The horizontal structure implies the presence of tagged SEO-pages, which contain a selection of products, combined on various grounds. Such pages are formed using catalog filters, for example, based on “double beds”.

Usually, a mixed structure is used as the most convenient for navigation and giving ample opportunities for internal search engine optimization and linking. It is very important that any page of the site is accessible at a distance of three, maximum four clicks from the main page.

Online stores
Important design considerations

Query analysis and semantic core creation Important design considerations

Before starting to create a unique structure for your online store, we carefully study the business direction, the old version of the site (if any), as well as the best examples of similar sites. Next, we collect the queries with which your products are associated and analyze similar sites from the top of search results for these queries. Then we parse all requests and clean them from irrelevant ones.

Based on this information, we create a semantic core. It’s a group of words and phrases that most fully describes everything that the user can find from you. There can be several hundred or thousands of such words, and site promotion directly depends on the proper distribution (clustering) of them across various landing pages.

Online stores
Important design considerations

Creating a mock-up (prototype) site Important design considerations

Mockups are images by which the future owner will be able to see how the site will look ready-made. Mock-up looks like an approximate drawing of all the basic website page templates. Making changes to the mock-up is much easier than the final design.

It is easy to experiment with it at any stage, making the changes you need as a customer. At the development stage of the mock-up, the entire future logic of work and marketing “chips” of the future site are laid in the online store. This is a kind of “graphic technical requirement”.

Important design considerations

Design and adaptive layout Important design considerations

Design is created only after a detailed discussion. We develop a design based on the themes of the online store and take into account the corporate style. This also includes adaptive layout, that is, automatic adjustment of all pages of a site to any screen resolutions, operating networks and browsers.

This is especially important for smartphone users since Internet traffic from mobile devices is already confidently exceeding traffic from computers. A well-adapted website gets an advantage in search results from mobile devices.

Important design considerations

Choosing the right CMS - content management system Important design considerations

This is the main tool of the site administrator, and we try to offer only the most convenient tools. Good CMS:

  • supports PHP, MySQL;
  • supports an unlimited number of categories and products;
  • has built-in multilingualism and multicurrency;
  • supports all modern browsers;
  • allows you to expand the functionality due to various modules and additions;
  • does not slow down the site;
  • allows you to get statistics on orders and goods;
  • allows for registering buyers (personal account);
  • makes it easy to back up;
  • provides easy navigation and search, viewing the history of orders by the buyer;
  • supports SSL certificates;
  • provides various payment methods, etc.

AVADA MEDIA company offers modern solutions on self-written CMS based on Yii2 and Laravel frameworks, as well as on ready-made CMS (WordPress + WooComerce), OpenCart, Bitrix, and others. The specific CMS is best chosen based on your requirements.

Online stores
Important design considerations

Site content Important design considerations

You can order not only the website of the online store drom AVADA MEDIA but also content for its filling, including:

  • SEO-optimized texts for the description of product categories and products, information pages, etc .;
  • useful articles for a blog or news section;
  • media content: promotional videos, product video reviews, product photos (subject photography).

Create your own online store with AVADA-MEDIA

Creating your own online store with the company AVADA MEDIA is not difficult. You will be able to determine all the positions that are significant to you, the cost of which will determine the price of the project as a whole, for example, the following:

  • a multifunctional catalog;
  • morphological search;
  • statistics;
  • the ability to play videos on any page;
  • placing an order on a single page;
  • stickers for promotions, discounts and bestsellers;
  • map of the site;
  • voting, reviews, and ratings from customers;
  • similar offers;
  • training materials for the administrator;
  • bonus offers;
  • customer wish list;
  • loading price lists from Excel;
  • communication with 1C;
  • and much more – the full list is best discussed for a specific project.

To make a unique online store that will get on the first pages of issuance even in a highly competitive market, we will need from three to six months and your assistance. By the way, in order to make it easier for you to use all the “chips” of the site fully, in the process we record video instructions for you.

Contact us today – we will create and increase the flow of customers for your business together!

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Online store development steps AVADA-MEDIA

Niche and analysis

Research of a portrait of a consumer, target audience, business goals;

SEO training

Collecting a semantic core and developing an SEO-optimized site structure;

Mock-up and design

Creating layouts for all page templates and their design

Front-end development

Adaptive website layout for all devices, browsers, and OS

Back-end development

Choosing a CMS for the future online store and setting it up

Filling and internal optimization

The basic content of the online store, as well as its internal optimization and tuning

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