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The explosive growth of the IT market and the universal integration of digital technologies pose challenging challenges for developing businesses. Going online, introducing a paperless office, digitalizing marketing and business strategies, changing customer service schemes requires allocating budgets for software development. And standard solutions like appointments to the IT department of a programmer’s company no longer work. Here you need a team with experience working on a constant volume of tasks. Therefore, to implement one or two projects in the field of IT, it will be easier to turn to the services of professionals in the field of IT outsourcing.

You need to understand that in most cases, software development is a project work. No matter how complicated the digital system that needs to be implemented by a commercial company or a state-owned enterprise, the cycle of creating such a product is from 3 to 12 months.

All this time, a team of several specialists with different qualifications and different specializations will work on the development of a digital service.

If you use one or two full-time specialists for the development of software, the time required for the implementation of the project will increase.

And besides, after the introduction of a digital service, employees will have to dismiss or continue to pay them unreasonably high salaries without a serious load on projects.

That is why most small or medium-sized companies, and even many large corporations around the world, turn to a remote scheme of work – IT outsourcing – to develop software and implement digital services.

IT outsourcing services

Who is included in the remote team IT outsourcing services

First of all, it is worth saying that the team in the field of software development, and therefore in the field of IT outsourcing, is not only programmers, in other words, software developers, they are also people directly working on a digital product – interface designers, testers, marketers , managers, analysts, etc. In software development and in IT outsourcing, the activities of specialists who do not directly affect the digital code are equally important

Remote team in the field of IT outsourcing, engaged in the creation of mobile applications or web development services usually includes such a position.

  • TeamLead and Project Manager are the people who are responsible for the leadership functions. They respectively manage the work of developers – he is Timlid or they manage the entire project, including communication with the customer – he is also a project manager. For the implementation of small and medium complexity projects in the field of IT outsourcing, it is not necessary to allocate two people for these tasks, and therefore the project is usually led by one specialist.
  • Front-end and Back-end developers are the programmers responsible for developing the services of the client and server parts of the digital service. The front-end developer implements the public part of web services, including the development of external shells and the adaptation of their user interface. Back-end developers program internal services and functions accordingly. They solve issues such as database management, the logic of the system, the security of web projects, etc. If it comes to creating mobile software, the team also includes programmers for the mobile platforms iOS and Android.
  • UX / UI-designer is the third key position, without which it is impossible to create a digital service. His area of ​​activity is the development of the UX-design of the program, taking into account its functionality (User eXperience) and the UI-design of the service in terms of improving ergonomics and usability (User Interface).

Quite often, depending on the specifics of the project and the features of the digital service, other specialists will be included in the remote team in the field of IT outsourcing.

  • A tester, and if it’s wider, a QC / QA specialist in the field of Quality Control and Quality Assurance, performs manual and automatic testing of a digital system. The selection of QC / QA specialists is usually required only for serious developments in the field of application software, where there are specified requirements for product quality. As a standard, a remote team in the field of IT outsourcing includes one tester who checks the operation of all the functions of a digital service in accordance with the requirements of the technical task.
  • A marketer as part of a remote IT team is a specialist who is responsible for the development and promotion of a digital project. He is responsible for market research, takes part in product design, and is also involved in its promotion and monetization, in case the project is commercial.
Control and accounting

How does remote work in the field of IT outsourcing Control and accounting

The IT outsourcing market exists all over the world and it is not surprising that transparent and obvious ways to control the work of a remote team have been developed and implemented. In our activities, we use the web-based project management system Teamwork, Jira, etc.

These solutions allow you to control and track the amount of productive working time spent by IT specialists to work on a digital service. Accounting systems enable reliable control of working time by the customer and allows you to quickly and clearly evaluate at what stage of software development the process is now.


How much do IT outsourcing services cost? Prices

Based on the budget, tasks and deadlines, the remote team in the field of IT outsourcing can work in the required hour segment. Work planning is carried out in the form of sprints – time periods lasting several weeks, with clearly defined tasks.

What can be entrusted to our teams

Remote IT Service What can be entrusted to our teams

If you are interested in the work of a remote team in the field of IT outsourcing, we are ready to take on the implementation of serious projects. Our experience in the development of digital services allows us to focus primarily on:

  • creating mobile applications for iOS and Android;
  • development of services and components of web portals;
  • development and implementation of CRM and ERP systems for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • the development of online stores and online sales systems;
  • creating industry-specific business projects (accounting, freight, taxi, cafes and restaurants, etc.) with server or cloud administration;
  • CMS-systems, admin panels, personal accounts;
  • creating web resources and corporate sites of various sizes.

You can learn more about our specialization in the field of IT outsourcing on the page dedicated to software development.

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