Development of technical specifications AVADA-MEDIA

Correctly drafted terms of reference will help relieve the customer and the contractor from unnecessary problems and determine exactly what and how should be done in the project. The clearer and clearer the requirements for the final product are, the better the process participants understand what it should be like at the final stage.

When preparing the terms of reference, the following factors are taken into account:

  • subject of the project;
  • product type (application, website, service, chatbot, CRM or ERP system, etc.);
  • goal and task of the project;
  • the target audience;
  • requirements for design and colors;
  • the need to adjust the terms of reference as you work on the project.

AVADA MEDIA offers services for the development of technical specifications for any software: CRM and ERP systems, PWA and SPA applications, mobile applications and games, online stores, corporate sites, chat bots, etc.


Features of the development of technical specifications for CRM and ERP systems AVADA-MEDIA

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that helps to structure customer relationships, automate the work of departments, simplify workflow and assess employee productivity.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is production management software that controls procurement, supports supply chains, reporting, manufacturing, human resources, financial transactions, and more.

Preparation of technical specifications for CRM or ERP systems takes place in several stages. We take into account and work out in the terms of reference all business processes that the client would like to automate.

TOR for CRM may include the following items:

  • Customer bases. Products, services and users
  • Tools for integration with telephony, e-mail, website (product synchronization), delivery services, payment systems, SMS service.
  • Setting up document templates.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Working out the logic of business processes.
  • Integration with 1C (if necessary), etc.

ToR for ERP may include the following items:

  • A set of functional modules: finance and settlements, the movement of inventories, accounting, etc.
  • The core of the program.
  • Database
  • Reporting and analytics
  • etc.

The system is multifunctional, so any changes in one of the modules may lead to the need to make changes in the other.


Development of technical specifications for mobile, PWA and SPA applications AVADA-MEDIA

In addition to mobile applications, which are well known to most users, our company is engaged in the development of technical specifications for the development of PWA and SPA applications.

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a hybrid of a website and a mobile application. This technology allows you to increase the website loading speed on mobile gadgets, install it on a device in one click (without app stores, for example, Google Play), make the resource available offline (using the cache), etc.

SPA (Single Page Application) is a single page web application that constantly interacts with the user.

SPA dynamically rewrites a single page rather than loading new pages from the server.

The terms of reference for applications describes in detail everything that the client would like to receive from the future product: from button design to functionality.

First of all, a mockup (mockup) is created, after which work begins on the MVP (minimum viable product) to receive feedback from the customer and users. This step allows you to create a complete software product without unnecessary costs and unnecessary risk.

Development of technical specifications

Creation of technical specifications for mobile games AVADA-MEDIA

The AVADA MEDIA team develops mobile games that are monitored and become promising business projects. For the successful implementation of the idea, we carefully plan each stage and develop a technical assignment.

Regardless of the operating system (Android and iOS), there are three semantic parts of any technical specification for mobile games:

  • introductory: general provisions, objectives and goals of the project;
  • main part: contains technical and functional requirements, use cases, gameplay, descriptions of screens, design, all kinds of integrations with services, monetization model, etc.;
  • the final part: determines the order of control and acceptance of work.

Drawing up technical specifications for the development of sites and online stores AVADA-MEDIA

Thanks to a detailed and understandable technical assignment, the client receives exactly the result he wanted at the output – an online store, a corporate website, a business card website or a landing page that fully meet his expectations and needs of the target audience.

There are several general criteria that are used in the preparation of technical specifications for sites:

  • goals and objectives that the web resource will perform;
  • the target audience;
  • technologies and libraries;
  • resource interface elements;
  • prototype and design;
  • structure and logic of internal transitions;
  • roles and scenarios for working with the site for each of them;
  • database architecture (if necessary).

An example of a technical assignment for the development of a large website or online store will include a number of additional points:

  • autogeneration rules title, description, h1;
  • URL generation rules;
  • generating a sitemap (sitemap.xml);
  • microdata markup.

Delivery and payment systems are specified without fail, in particular, if an API for calculating the cost of delivery will be integrated into the site structure.

If the client has wishes regarding the platform, development, or a specific content management system, they are also included in the project specification.


Development of technical specifications for chat bots AVADA-MEDIA

Chatbots are programs that allow you to automate communication with users using text or audio messages. They are widely used in instant messengers and mobile applications. Thanks to machine learning, the program independently chooses the optimal communication model and establishes communication.

When developing a chat bot, we include the following requirements in the TOR:

  • purpose and functionality;
  • a set of modules;
  • subsystem requirements;
  • requirements for the modes of operation of the system;
  • integration with services.

The chatbot has found application in various areas of business: from customer support and FAQs to the automation of internal enterprise processes.


  • набор модулей;
  • требования к подсистемам;
  • требования к режимам функционирования системы;
  • интеграции с сервисами.

Чат-бот нашел применение в разных сферах бизнеса: от поддержки клиентов и FAQ до автоматизации внутренних процессов предприятия.

Development of technical specifications

Benefits of developing technical specifications in AVADA MEDIA AVADA-MEDIA

In AVADA MEDIA you can order a technical specification for the development of any software product, which will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of creating a new project.

Beforehand, we discuss in detail all the requirements with the client in order to minimize risks and disputable situations, discuss his wishes, goals and objectives of the project. The manager asks additional questions, clarifies details and records all important information regarding the future product.

Experts analyze the potential result, make recommendations, select technical means and ways to implement the customer’s idea.

In the future, the project manager coordinates each item with the client and constantly communicates with him in order to make changes to the terms of reference as needed.

(Ru) Специалисты анализируют потенциальный результат, составляют рекомендации, выбирают технические средства и пути реализации идеи заказчика.

В дальнейшем менеджер проекта согласовывает каждый пункт с клиентом и постоянно коммуницирует с ним, чтобы по мере надобности вносить изменения в техническое задание.


Stages of development of technical specifications: AVADA-MEDIA

  • First of all, we are preparing a prototype of a product in the Moqups service, which is actively used by such large and famous companies as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Amazon Sony. Prototyping helps to avoid serious misunderstandings, to visualize the project in the process of frontend and backend development, and also to demonstrate the future mechanics to the customer. The client can get acquainted with the full version of the interface, evaluate the future design and usability of the product and, if necessary, make comments.
  • At the next stage, we move on to describing the interactive functionality. For this, a complete checklist of functions is drawn up and transferred to the pivot table.
  • After preparing the checklist, we record a video explanation of the technical specification and describe in detail the principles of the product. The video performs two functions: it acts as a presentation for the client, quickly and clearly conveys information about the technical specification, and gives the developer an idea of ​​the tasks assigned to him.
  • When drawing up a technical assignment, our specialists carefully work out the strategy and take into account the key features of the product. We are not limited to the technical characteristics of the project, so we consult with the marketing department for its further promotion. Marketers analyze the niche, target audience, competitors and market, then offer recommendations and highlight the benefits for inclusion in the USP.

When drawing up the technical assignment, the AVADA MEDIA team always takes into account that each project has its own specifics, which largely depends on the goals and scale. For example, for complex systems, we design databases using Swagger.

An experienced team is engaged in drafting the technical task, which has previously developed and implemented many successful solutions and projects that have shown excellent results in the CIS and other countries’ markets.

Ultimately, you will receive a detailed, understandable and technically competent visualization of the future project, in the development of which highly qualified specialists will take part. We have vast experience in designing large business systems, online stores, marketplaces and information portals with millions of audiences.

If you have any questions, our managers will promptly answer them and prepare an individual commercial offer for you.

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