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How to increase customer loyalty digitally?

Virtual discount cards Apple Wallet and Google Pay How to increase customer loyalty digitally?

The market for goods and services today is filled with competing offers. The creation of loyalty programs is one of the best ways to attract regular customers. The marketing strategy of retail and chain stores, automotive services, cafes and restaurants, sports clubs, cinemas, and other institutions is increasingly focused on individual interaction with the customer. And electronic loyalty cards open the most simple and personal format of customer relationships.

The highest rate of world change dictated by the digital age requires regular review of existing business strategies. Many ways of attracting new visitors, as well as retaining regular customers that seemed modern just a few years ago, are outdated.

Our smartphones are full of promotional SMS messages, email clients record the flow of letters from e-mail marketers, and dozens of credit cards, discount coupons, and loyalty cards are stored in wallets. Therefore, the rejection of the stereotypical “plastic” for bonus offers and the traditional way of sending offers about promotions and discounts is a plus and competitive advantage of any company.

Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Electronic loyalty cards will be useful for business in the field of Apple Wallet & Google Pay

  • Retail

  • Shops

  • Supermarkets


  • Cafe

  • Restaurants

  • Gas stations


Virtual discount cards Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Electronic loyalty cards instead of "plastic" Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Replacing conventional loyalty cards with virtual discount cards and switching from SMS messages and e-mail marketing to push notifications will increase the credibility of the company, reduce the bounce rate of the advertising channel and save on mobile services.

You can register electronic discount cards in the systems:

  • Apple Wallet (formerly Apple Passbook) – a mobile application for storing cards and coupons, part of iOS and connected to with the Apple Pay system for mobile payments;
  • Google Pay (formerly Google Wallet) – an installed application for mobile payments with an option of storing cards and coupons.

Using virtual discount cards is easier, more convenient, faster, and more reliable than any alternatives. Besides, it does not rule out the use of traditional “plastic”: after all, not every client keeps up with the times. Electronic discount cards are easy to distribute, they can be individualized and linked to existing business solutions according to the type of CRM or ERP systems.

Avada Media performs the entire cycle of work on the creation and implementation of virtual discount cards in Apple Wallet or Google Pay systems and is ready to link them with existing custom-designed business automation tools.

Virtual discount cards Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Apple Wallet & Google Pay

What are the benefits of virtual discount cards to customers? Apple Wallet & Google Pay

It is believed that plastic discount cards are easiest to replace with a mobile application for devices based on Android or iOS. Without denying the rationality of this approach, it is worth noting that the amount of free memory on smartphones and tablets is a valuable resource for which many developers compete. And therefore, having the opportunity to save a virtual discount card on a smartphone, most customers will prefer to refuse to install the mobile program of their chosen retail network or favorite institution.

Using a virtual discount card in Apple Wallet or Google Pay client:

  • get a bonus coupon or a personalized loyalty card, which you can not be afraid to leave at home because the card will be available on your mobile device and activated using a QR or bar code;
  • can quickly see the status of the bonus account online, as well as go to the site the online store or to the company’s page on social networks;
  • easily find the nearest company representative or point of using geolocation services;
  • get access to feedback from the company and an unobtrusive communication channel in the format of push notifications;
  • free up space in the wallet and in the memory of the mobile device.

Thus, using a virtual discount card is an additional opportunity that requires almost no cost for the client. The threshold for starting communication with the company (with the provision of personal data and the receipt of individual offers) is lower than in the case of paper questionnaires and plastic cards. An online application form for a virtual discount card is usually simply confirmed by phone number through a verification code.

Virtual discount cards Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Apple Wallet & Google Pay

How useful are electronic loyalty cards for marketers? Apple Wallet & Google Pay

The digital format of customer interaction opens up many additional opportunities for marketing strategies. With the help of virtual discount cards:

  • attracting new customers is simplified – a card can be installed by scanning a QR code, sending a file in an e-mail, or sending a valid link in an instant messenger or SMS;
  • the features of the loyalty program are expanded – in the system you can install a card in the form of a discount coupon, promotional offer with a limited validity period, a personal discount card, a CHOP card, etc .;
  • due to the online questionnaire, the relevance of personal data about the client increases, and unnecessary duplication of cards is eliminated;
  • Due to push notifications, expenses for an advertising company are reduced. Due to connection to CRM services, the efficiency and individuality of advertising are increased.

Although the use of electronic loyalty cards is not a panacea and requires the competent implementation of marketing strategies, the opportunities that this advertising channel offers are an order of magnitude higher than the alternatives. The return on electronic loyalty programs is much more effective than the traditional approach. In addition, the undoubted advantage of virtual discount cards is optional. After all, you can’t put aside plastic cards and paper questioning for the first time.

Virtual discount cards Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Apple Wallet & Google Pay

In what areas of the market is the use of virtual discount cards most relevant? Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Electronic loyalty cards are most in demand in areas where the main income depends more on regular customers than on one-time contracts and sales. It is worth highlighting such areas as:

  • offers in the field of entertainment and services – beauty salons, sports and fitness clubs, cafes, and restaurants;
  • retail and chain stores;
  • long-distance transport services, air and rail services, taxi;
  • entertainment services, where there is a preliminary sale of tickets – concert halls, cinemas, clubs, football matches, sports;
  • car dealers, service stations, gas stations, etc.

By creating a virtual loyalty program with the help of Avada Media and connecting it to automatic CRM or ERP services, you will simplify your life for yourself and for your customers!

  • services in the field of entertainment, where there is a preliminary sale of tickets – concert halls, cinemas, clubs, football matches, sports competitions;
  • car dealers, service stations, gas stations, etc.

By creating a virtual loyalty program with the help of Avada Media and connecting it to automatic CRM or ERP services, you will make life easier for yourself and your customers!

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