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ByTheWay Marketplace

  • Location:
    • International product
  • Team:
    • 5 specialists
  • Solution:
    • Web version of the marketplace
  • Sector:
    • Goods and services
  • Technologies:
    • Python (Django)
    • Vue.js 2 (Nuxt.js)
    • HTML/CSS

ByTheWay is an international ride-sharing service that allows you not only to save money, but also to earn money on transportation. Thus, senders and recipients can order cargo delivery from anywhere in the world with minimal commissions in the application, and for drivers this is a great opportunity to earn additional income without deviating from the main route.



Development stages


Development stages ByTheWay

In the past, our team has developed ByTheWay mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms. But this was not enough to cover the entire market. Experience has shown that part of the target audience prefers to use websites without installing software on their smartphone. Therefore, to increase the profitability of the business, it was decided to launch a web version of the platform with expanded functionality. The point is to satisfy all user needs within one platform: from searching for the right product to ordering a delivery service.

The implementation of such an idea is not a big challenge for our team, but the question remained – how to create a solution that will technically outperform competitors. Therefore, before starting development, we immersed ourselves in a thorough study of the market and its main players, while maintaining communication with the client to discuss innovative ideas.

When the basic concept of the web platform was formed and approved, we set about making it a reality. The development process was carried out according to the iterative Scrum methodology and consisted of eight main stages:

  • Market analysis
  • Design
  • UX/UI design development

  • Frontend Implementation
  • Refinement of the Backend part
  • Testing
  • Launching the platform on client servers
  • Support and development

To optimize the budget, in the web version of the service, we proposed using the same server side that runs the ByTheWay mobile applications, but with the appropriate modifications. In addition to the financial side, we argued our choice by the fact that:

  • The functionality of applications and the browser version overlap in many respects.
  • Thanks to one backend, users get the opportunity to use one personal account to work in all versions of the product, which is quite convenient.
  • A single backend allows you to administer applications and the web version of the product using a single admin panel.

SEO optimization

During the development of the ByTheWay web platform, we were aware of the importance of its SEO optimization at a technical level. Therefore, understanding how search engine algorithms work, we took the following steps:

  • To develop the backend, we chose the reactive Vue.js framework, which provided high page loading speeds.
  • Added the ability to change metadata for each page in the admin panel.
  • Implemented a blog to publish feature articles and saturate the site with targeted key queries.

Improvement of the admin panel

As we have already said, a client can use a single admin panel to manage the web platform and mobile applications. However, since the functionality of the site has been expanded, the functionality of the admin panel also needed to be improved. Here’s what was done:

  • Added a new section “Blog” with functionality for managing articles.
  • Added a database of announcements.
  • Functionality for managing TOP ads has been created.
  • A new tab “Announcements” has been integrated into the user’s card.
  • Implemented new settings for SEO optimization.

The main features of the ByTheWay web platform

ByTheWay provides users with a wide range of functionality for managing ads, routes and packages. We propose to consider the main features of the web platform in more detail:

  • Quick registration and authorization. To register on the site, users can use the standard method and fill in the data manually, log in with one click using an existing Google account, Facebook, Apple ID. To do this, our team has completed all the necessary integrations.
  • Personal Area. In his personal account, the user can change contact details and personal information, specify the preferred language of communication, view “Favorites”, as well as monitor their own announcements, parcels and routes.
  • Ads. After authorization, the user can place an unlimited number of ads, which, after verification, will be added to the general listing. To ensure a comfortable search for products in the general list, we have implemented an extensive filter system.
  • Placement in the TOP. To highlight your ad and increase the chances of selling the product, the user can use the paid function and place his offer in the “TOP ads” block, which is located above the main list. Similar functionality is implemented in the “Parcels” section.
  • Chat with an auto-translator. Since ByTheWay is an international platform, we have integrated an automatic translator into the chat. Thanks to this, users immediately receive messages in the language that was indicated as preferred in their personal account.
  • Possible delivery options. The function has been added to the ad card and allows you to instantly pick up a driver who will deliver the goods along the specified route.
  • Routes. A database of drivers and the routes they follow, where you can choose the best carrier for your package.



Result ByTheWay

Our team continues to work on the development of the ByTheWay service. After the successful launch of mobile applications, we also created a web version of the product, additionally equipped with bulletin board capabilities.

The release of the ByTheWay web platform has already taken place, and now we are focusing resources on improving its efficiency by implementing and implementing new functionality.


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