TOP 10 sites for gamers

TOP 10 sites for gamers


TOP 10 sites for gamers Gaming

A gamer is not someone who just loves to play video games. This is a man filled with enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure, who is completely immersed in the gameplay, because there, outside the screen, is an important part of his life. However, even an experienced gamer cannot do without up-to-date information about market news, reviews and other important information.

So that you do not have to look for everything yourself, AVADA MEDIA has compiled a selection of the 10 most useful sites for fans of virtual entertainment.

System Requirements Lab

Game Laboratory

System Requirements Lab Game Laboratory

Before buying a new game, you need to make sure that your device can run it. Of course, you can independently look at the technical requirements and compare them with the performance of your hardware, but there is another way.

The System Requirements Lab service will analyze the technical capabilities of your PC in less than a minute and issue an accurate verdict. All that is needed from the user is to enter the name of the game, and press the start button, and you can start checking for several projects at once. The site also provides other useful information:

  • a brief description of each game;
  • list of popular projects;
  • the average percentage of completion of the game by other users;
  • popular novelties on the market.

System Requirements Lab is completely free.



Websites Gamers


The well-known YouTube is a must-have site for any gamer. Here you can find literally everything that you may need to complete the game and upgrade your gaming skills: mechanic reviews, the location of secrets on levels, effective options for upgrading skills, and much more. In addition, many publishers here publish cinematics that will allow you to take a fresh look at the gameplay, as well as update announcements, so that you are always up to date with the latest news.

Another option for using video hosting is to release streams that will help you gather hundreds and thousands of like-minded people around you, and even monetize your hobby with the help of advertising integrations or donations.


A popular video streaming service that specializes specifically in the subject of video games. Every day broadcasts of gameplay of almost all popular games, eSports tournaments and competitions are held here. Gamers can use this platform to follow the actions of top players in real time, or to release their own streams with the possibility of monetization.

Twitch is integrated into the PlayStation and XBox game consoles by default, and is distributed free of charge, which is why its popularity is growing every year.

TOP 10 sites for gamers


Gaming chat

Metacritic Gaming chat

Gamers rarely limit themselves to just one game, often in their arsenal they have a whole library of favorite projects that is constantly updated.

The Metacritic website contains up-to-date ratings of all new games, based on the voting of thousands of gamers around the world. In addition, reviews of journalists and critics of the game development industry are collected here, which greatly simplifies the search for a new project in your collection.


Game Library

Grouvee Game Library

Continuing the previous topic, it is worth adding that over time, the gamer’s library can be replenished so much that you can simply get confused in the abundance of games. In this case, the Grouvee website was created, which will effectively systematize the catalog. Here you can:

  • make your own history of passing games;
  • assign your own score to each project;
  • plan the acquisition of a new project;
  • follow similar actions of friends, discovering new apps.

A nice bonus is that all tools are available to the user completely free of charge.

AIM Rage


AIM Rage Simulators

Some genres of games, especially shooters and MOBAs, require lightning-fast reaction, accuracy and speed of decision-making from the player. AIM Rage is a kind of simulator that will help the gamer to raise their skills to the desired level. There is a large selection of exercises, the complexity of which adapts individually for each user, and for greater motivation, a rating of other visitors is provided. Many professional esports players use similar services, which once again speaks of their effectiveness.

Random Lists

Lists of games

Random Lists Lists of games

It happens that old games become boring, and it is difficult to choose something really worthwhile from the new one.

For those who do not want to spend hours sorting through subjective reviews, reviews and reviews, the Random Lists website has been created, offering a list of random projects.



CheatBook Cheating

Some parts of the game can be too difficult to pass, and not every player has the patience to try to pass the same boss for weeks, or even whole months. As a result, interest in the project fades, even if the plot is really interesting. For such cases, cheat codes were created to help you easily defeat even the most difficult opponent.

Although the method is not entirely honest, and for some players this is a real taboo, but in the end the game should bring pleasure, not disappointment.

The CheatBook website contains cheats for most modern games, and their collection is regularly updated.

Free Game Hosting

Game Hostings

Free Game Hosting Game Hostings

For a comfortable game with friends in multiplayer projects such as Minecraft, CS:GO, Rust, GTA and others, you will need powerful game servers with low ping. They often cost money to deploy and maintain, and can be quite expensive, but there are also free options like Free Game Hosting. The service serves a huge number of servers around the world and has a good reputation.

Best Old Games

Virtual universes

Best Old Games Virtual universes

Sometimes it’s nice to return to the timeless classics to re-immerse yourself in the exploration of the good old virtual universes, with system requirements below 2 GB of RAM. Most old school games can be found and downloaded for free on the Best Old Games website, which contains hundreds of games in a wide variety of genres.

Development of your own website for gamers


Development of your own website for gamers AVADA MEDIA

By the end of 2021, the gaming industry market had over 3 billion gamers worldwide. In most cases, these are engaged users, open to new products, who are interested in not only new games, but also thematic services.

If you are planning to create your own website for gamers, please contact AVADA MEDIA. Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of game development and web development, and will help you turn the most daring ideas into reality.

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