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Developing corporate website

Larang Developing corporate website

  • Location:
    • Ukraine
  • Team:
    • 5 specialists
  • Solution:
    • Corporate website
    • Internal optimization
  • Sector:
    • Health and beauty
  • Technologies:
    • WordPress
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Front End (Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5)

The market of aesthetic medicine in Ukraine is saturated with various centers, clinics and salons, and it is very difficult to create a corporate website in this segment that would fully reflect the individuality of the client. But precisely such a task was set before Avada Media by the Odessa Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty LARANG.

The site should have been functional and 100% reflect corporate values ​​- an individual approach, the uniqueness of technology and the highest qualification of specialists. Successful implementation of complex tasks is the hallmark of the Avada Media team and the team accepted the challenge – the site was to create a unique image of our client in the eyes of potential center customers.


List of works Larang

  • A full range of work was carried out to develop and coordinate the design and functionality of the site with the customer. The combination of violet and white colors was taken as the basis – the violet color most fully reflects the spirit of uniqueness, luxury and individualism inherent in the customer of the project;
  • The site was filled with unique photographic material. The uniqueness of the graphical content of the site is important not only from the point of view of potential customers of the customer’s services, but also for search promotion – search engines are much more willing to index and give high positions to sites with individual thematic photographs and images;
  • The site was clear and beautiful: each visitor can easily navigate, despite the rich content;
  • When creating the main page, we designed it so that every potential client of the center could find all the information about the services of interest and get clear answers;
  • A set of works on programming and site layout has been completed – the site’s functionality is simple and clear;
  • We tested the site for various types of mobile devices, which guaranteed the ease and clarity of navigation, the correct operation of the site on mobile devices of all types, speed of loading and attractiveness of content.


Avada Media has created a product that distinguishes our client in such a competitive and eventful field as cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The corporate identity and personality of our client are fully embodied on the Internet.

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