Today, a new quality standard for urban residential real estate is not just a modern multi-story building with a well-thought-out layout and reliable building materials. More and more developers and real estate buyers are opting for multifunctional residential complexes – high-tech urban oases in the canned post-Soviet space. Created as a “city within a city” residential complex, it must have its own infrastructure, a protected area and modern digital services. Therefore, the creation of an LCD site or a new building is a must have for the developer.

Today, consumers and customers of any market sector – from buying goods and receiving services to real estate investments – prefer innovative types of services. People choose digital services, because they allow you to personalize the client and at the same time leave him anonymity. Old business models, such as telephone sales and personal conversations, are gradually becoming a thing of the past. They give way to transparent digital solutions when you can compare commercial offers online. Having decided on the choice, the client first checks it on personal experience (for example, evaluates the goods in the showroom or visits the construction site) and only then gets in touch with the seller or service provider.

Such a model, used in a more expensive segment of the market, on the one hand facilitates and automates business management, and on the other hand, it requires providing the client with more functional tools and the most complete information about a product or service. And the higher the cost of the object of interest, the more valuable and profitable will be the information about it.

Therefore, in order to successfully sell real estate, it is not necessary to hire large departments of realtors and sales managers. It is much more important to create a multifunctional and adaptive website for a residential complex or a new building, which will provide the interested client with all the information about the object.

The digital services on the website of the residential complex should not only inform, but also facilitate the process of booking or buying a home for customers. Avada Media is able to develop and launch a multi-functional LCD site in just one month. To do this, we have our own ready-made platform.


The structure and functionality of the site of the residential complex AVADA-MEDIA

The main sections that should be presented on the website of the LCD or new buildings relate to two key issues:

  • Choosing a home. First of all, it is important that the visitor to the LCD site immediately sees which apartments or apartments are already available or will soon be on sale. The site should present the existing options for the layout of apartments, which can be considered in detail not only in the form of two-dimensional images and plans, but also in the form of three-dimensional graphic visualizations with a section of the structure, floor, geographical direction and a possible option for interior decoration.

The company Avada Media on the sites of LCD and new buildings implements an affordable and attractive way to choose housing using three-dimensional visualization of the entire residential complex. The buyer sees the image of the building on the screen and can quickly and simply choose exactly the apartment that he likes. In this case, all data on the status (under construction, free or sold) and the characteristics of the object (area, number of rooms, etc.) are immediately given in the accompanying description.

  • Construction progress is another key section of the RC and new construction site, which should be regularly updated. Customers who have already bought an apartment or entered into an investment contract should be able to monitor the progress of construction work online. In this section of the residential complex website, from time to time, messages are published, as well as photo or video reports on the construction of individual sections, real-time broadcasts from the construction site are carried out etc.

The remaining sections and pages of the LCD site or new buildings include additional reference and auxiliary information.

  • The main landing page, sections “About the complex” and “Benefits” will reveal all the advantages and attractive aspects of the building under construction. It will show the visualization of housing, buildings and the local area, describes in detail the capabilities of a multifunctional residential complex.
  • The sections “Gallery”, “News” and “Promotions” are intended for the periodic publication of photos and articles about events related to the construction or changes in the corporate policy of the developer.
  • The “Contacts” section is needed to facilitate feedback and the exact localization of company objects on Google maps.

Equally important is the development of internal functionality and the server side of the RC site or a new building, access to which is carried out by the developers of the company through the web interface.

The administrative section of the RC site or the new building is used to simply update information by the managers of the developer without changing the program code of the web project.

Website for RC

Why is the development of a residential complex site worth entrusting to us? AVADA-MEDIA

Development of a typical LCD site or a new building “from scratch” takes a lot of time. In addition to the interface design and content filling the site, you need to spend time prototyping and thinking through the architecture and functionality of the web project.

The main advantage of Avada Media is that our portfolio of completed orders already has several sites of residential complexes. We are ready to provide the skeleton of a typical design of the LCD site, which our team will deploy in one month. Web project development is carried out on WordPress or Yii2 platforms. If desired, the final functionality of the site, we can flexibly configure and change.

In practice, the use of Avada Media’s own ready-made platform for the LCD website reduces all work on implementing a web project to the following stages:

  • development of a website interface design;
  • programming, assembly and adaptive layout of the site;
  • testing and debugging a web project.

The Avada Media team can complete all work on launching a fully functional LCD site 2-3 times faster than in the case of developers who have no experience in fulfilling orders related to construction and real estate.

Website for RC
Additional features of the residential complex site

Creating high-quality web services for the construction industry from Avada-Media Additional features of the residential complex site

Avada Media company is engaged in the implementation of various projects related to real estate, and not just the sites of LCD and new buildings. We can connect other functions to the project. Among them:

  • CRM-system for developers. “Novostroy” allows you to integrate an online tool for instant booking and sale of real estate into the LCD website. CRM is a complex for automation of work with clients. When you connect to the LCD site, you will be able to keep a record of all data on real estate, clients and realtors dealing with the object without any additional synchronization.
  • Digital services on the website of a residential complex should not only inform, but also facilitate the process of booking or buying a home for customers. Avada Media is able to develop and launch a multi-functional LCD site in just one month.
    . The service “My House 24” can be connected to the LCD site after the completion of the facility. It simplifies the interaction of utilities and apartment owners. The service is equipped with the possibility of online billing for rent and the formation of applications from residents through personal accounts. Thus, the LCD site will become the main platform for interaction between residents of the house and the management company.

Order Avada Media to develop an LCD site or a new building based on existing platforms for the real estate market and solve the problem of creating high-quality web services for your construction forever. We are chosen by developers not only in Odessa, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

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