Implementation of machine learning technology in software products for business ML-Tech

The human brain and programs for computers and their networks operate on a similar principle – they use the algorithms embedded in them. The algorithm allows, instead of miscalculating all possible options and choosing the best of them, immediately go to the option that brought a positive result earlier, under the same or similar conditions. Expert action algorithms are embedded in each software product, but life changes, and the correct action algorithms change with it.

In addition, new tasks arise, the solution of which still needs to be created.

The human brain solves this problem by learning. A person learns every second of his life, sometimes without even realizing it. So that software products can solve new and changing tasks, they either need to mechanically introduce new algorithms, or introduce the possibility of machine learning.

Machine Learning for business

What is machine learning technology in business software products Machine Learning for business

Machine Learning is an extensive section in the scientific developments involved in the creation of artificial intelligence (AI). All software products are created to replace a person with a tire that works faster and better than a machine. However, a person has free will and creates algorithms for his actions in various situations himself. Computer systems operate according to their algorithms.

The possibility of machine learning in software products involves the introduction of algorithms in them that allow a computer to create its own action algorithms in various situations. This feature greatly increases the speed of decision making in situations that deviate from the standard. The technology of machine learning is implemented by software based on the use of mathematical, statistical, optimization and probabilistic methods for solving problems.

The software product receives and analyzes a huge amount of information. On its basis, he, depending on his complexity, either makes a decision himself, or offers some of the most successful solutions to a person. Information about the results of decisions made also enters the computer system, is analyzed from the point of view of their effectiveness and is stored.

The program will remember not only the decision and the result, but also the large volumes of related information: date, time, etc. As a result, a business management system with a machine learning function will offer the most effective solutions, taking into account all important circumstances.

Machine Learning

Benefits of introducing machine learning into business management computer systems Machine Learning

Effectively managing a business without the introduction of modern computer technology is no longer possible. But some companies are afraid of the additional costs of modern software developed on the basis of artificial neural networks using artificial intelligence technologies, big data and machine learning, it works the old way and loses efficiency. Companies that implement the latest scientific achievements gain competitive advantages by quickly making the most effective decisions.

In order to introduce new algorithms into programs built on outdated principles, you need to invite a specialist and pay for his work each time. Machine learning software creates these algorithms on its own.

A one-time investment in such software solutions will quickly pay off by making the right decisions and reducing the cost of programming services. New goods and services with new consumer characteristics enter the market continuously. Business conditions are changing rapidly. The need for new algorithms appears constantly.

Machine learning technology is applicable in all areas of doing business, in public administration, wherever fast decision making is required in a changing environment.

Based on artificial neural networks, you can create high-quality systems:

  1. Business management, regardless of its specific direction.
  2. Transport and transportation controls that increase road capacity, increase delivery speed and reduce transportation costs.
  3. Recognition of faces and images, capable of not only detecting the necessary object according to the results of video recording, but also, for example, reading lips. This paves the way for the use of such software in the police and other government departments and agencies.
  4. Design and modeling, both material objects and situations.
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

In fact, built on this principle, systems can be used in any area of ​​human activity. The machine learning function can be built into some existing software solutions that did not previously have it.


The cost of introducing machine learning into business software solutions Prices

How much the machine learning function will cost in the software being developed depends on the necessary time for its development and the required qualifications of programmers. To get an accurate answer to the question about the cost of development, you need to draw up a specific technical task (TOR) for creating a software solution that takes into account all the needs and wishes of the customer.

The process of creating TOR is quite expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it often makes sense to abandon this stage and move on to time-based pay for developers. Several of these professionals can work on the same software product in parallel. By increasing their number, you can reduce the time required to develop a solution.

Machine Learning & AVADA-MEDIA

Why Avada Media Should Design and Implement Machine Learning Machine Learning & AVADA-MEDIA

Our company has been developing software products for over 9 years. Avada Media employs high-level specialists, as evidenced by the use of our products not only in Ukraine, Russia, the CIS countries, but also in Australia, the USA, China and the countries of the European Union. After making sure of the effectiveness of our solutions, customers recommend us to their friends.

Order Avada Media to develop and integrate machine learning into your business software. Our experts will not only fulfill all your wishes, but also recommend the most effective ways to solve your tasks.

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  4. Пользователь, предоставляет Оператору право осуществлять следующие действия (операции) с персональными данными: сбор, запись, систематизация, накопление, хранение, уточнение (обновление, изменение), использование, обезличивание, блокирование, удаление и уничтожение, передача третьим лицам, с согласия субъекта персональных данных и соблюдением мер, обеспечивающих защиту персональных данных от несанкционированного доступа.
  5. Персональные данные обрабатываются Оператором до завершения всех необходимых процедур. Также обработка может быть прекращена по запросу Пользователя на электронную почту:
  6. Пользователь подтверждает, что, давая Согласие, он действует свободно, своей волей и в своем интересе.
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