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CRM development for SEO CRM

A CRM system fits perfectly with the goals of an effective SEO strategy. It can provide unity of action for your entire business. Regardless of the size of the company, the system allows you to get the most out of digital positioning.

CRM systems for SEO are system complexes and toolkits designed to automate processes and speed up website promotion in Google search.

What features can be equipped with a CRM system for SEO:

CRM Features for SEO

What features can be equipped with a CRM system for SEO: CRM Features for SEO

Project management

The project management function allows you to be sure that tasks are completed efficiently and on time. It also gives you the ability to track progress and ensures efficient task scheduling.
You can get specific data for each SEO task, attach necessary documents, manage SEO workflows within set deadlines.

You can monitor results at each stage, see who is working on what at a certain time or day, record the number of hours spent by team members on specific tasks for better delegation of authority and billing to clients, break down large tasks into subtasks and assign them to different employees .

Website analysis tools for SEO parameters

  • Technical parameters (broken links, robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, gluing mirrors)
  • Analysis of texts for uniqueness, nausea, quality
  • Indexing analysis
  • Page loading speeds
  • URL structure
  • Duplication
  • Use of keywords
  • Metadata analysis (page titles, meta descriptions, title tags)
  • Internal linking

Google position tracking

One common use of ranking tracking tools is to monitor how your site’s pages rank in search. This allows you to control the work, adjust the strategy, monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the work.
Another common use for them is to track the search results of your competitors’ pages.
For this function, a Google search engine parser is being developed and implemented in the CRM system.

Buying links

One of the best ways to increase your site’s ranking in search engines is to buy links. This is a great way to increase your site’s domain authority and increase its ranking position in popular search engines.

Since search engines define the quality and quantity of links as an important indicator, they certainly help the ranking of the resource. It is thanks to the links that referral traffic is created – more and more new visitors are attracted.

A tool that can be built into CRM for SEO helps to search for quality donors, keep track of links bought from them, plan purchases of different types of links, and so on.

Growing SEO Leads

SEO brings people to your content. But what happens next? If you’re not getting enough engagement on your pages or response to your calls to action (CTA), then SEO will suffer over time.
CRM can create an SEO strategy for you. You’ll get an idea of how many conversions you’re generating, whether SEO is bringing the right types of people to your pages, and what brings them in in the first place.

Analysis of behavioral factors

User behavior analytics is the practice of collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data about how users interact with your site. This data helps you to clearly understand what your site visitors want, what is important to them and what they experience. These metrics will also help you know how many people are visiting your site and where they are coming from. They are great for helping you understand whether your strategies are working or not.

Bounce rate analysis

Bounce rates are essential to achieving goals: a visitor who leaves your site will not convert. Therefore, reducing the likelihood that someone will leave your site will help increase the number of possible conversions. Bounce rate can also be used as an important Google ranking factor, it determines if there are issues with content relevance, user experience, page design, or copywriting. Ultimately, the bounce rate will indicate to you that various elements need improvement or further analysis.

Outreach tools

As an SEO strategy, outreach is used to build valuable backlinks from external publishers to a single client site. The backlink network boosts a site’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), providing qualified organic, referral traffic and increased revenue. Outreach is also an increase in the authority of the company and strengthening brand awareness.

CRM development for SEO

Features of developing a CRM system

Development stages

Features of developing a CRM system Development stages

The technical production of a CRM system for SEO includes several stages:

Step 1. Business analysis

Analysts define the goals and objectives of the CRM system itself, refer to solutions that are already on the market and analyze existing systems, conduct detailed meetings with the client to set goals for the future CRM.

Step 2. Design and technical documentation

The team is working on:

  • Mockup – an interface layout with a design solution placed on it (with its help, the client can see his product “in action”)
  • Full description of the developed functionality
  • Analysis and description of all integrations of the future CRM system with external tools
  • Technology stack to be used in development
  • Building the architecture of the future project
  • Work Implementation Plan

At this stage, the timing and cost of the project is calculated.

CRM development for SEO

Step 3. Design

UI designers create a convenient and intuitive interface for the CRM system, as this multi-tasking tool has a high concentration of functionality. Regardless of the scale of the system, specialists work on creating a design using ready-made components for building interfaces or completely from scratch. The first option significantly increases the implementation speed.

Step 4. Programming

The technical part of developing CRM for SEO consists of 2 parts:

  • Frontend part

The public part of the web system, with which the user can interact and contact directly, is implemented using standard (HTML, CSS, JS) or reactive technologies (Vue.js/React.js). The standard implementation is more budgetary and faster.

  • Backend part

The internal part of the product, which is located on the server and hidden from users, can be implemented using different technologies:

  • Python frameworks and PHP frameworks are software platforms that significantly speed up the creation of a CRM backend
  • JAVA is a technology that allows you to efficiently process complex data
  • NODE.JS is a technology that provides easy and efficient development solutions
  • Parsers can be written in Python, JAVA or C++

Also at this stage of development, integrations with external tools are introduced (for example, Google Analytics, Search Console, email or SMS mailing services, etc.)

Step 5: Test and Deploy

After the completion of the technical development of CRM, a thorough testing is carried out, which includes the following criteria:

  • The convenience of use
  • Performance
  • Compliance with the functionality of TK
  • Security.

Step 6. Development and refinement

Expanding capabilities and improving functionality are integral aspects of keeping the project relevant. In the process of working with CRM and developing SEO in general, it may be necessary to introduce new functionality so that the CRM system remains effective and instantly adapts to new client needs or new Google ranking algorithms.

In addition to direct development, we are also ready to provide services for the modernization of a new tool.

Development of CRM for SEO in AVADA MEDIA


Development of CRM for SEO in AVADA MEDIA Development

A CRM system is a powerful tool that can be used to streamline operations, improve customer service, and improve efficiency.

AVADA MEDIA is distinguished by its expertise in the development of such systems. Many years of experience and the development of more than two dozen CRM systems for various business areas guarantee the successful implementation of your project by our team.

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