CRM for dropshipping

CRM development for dropshipping


CRM development for dropshipping CRM

CRM system for dropshipping is a software designed for high-quality customer service and smooth cooperation with partners. The system allows you to improve sales efficiency by collecting information about orders and transferring it to the supplier for sending, implementing control of settlements, collecting orders from all sales channels, keeping communication in one “cabinet”, etc.

Dropshipping CRM systems open up even more new opportunities for companies.

Functions that a CRM system can perform:


Functions that a CRM system can perform: CRM

  • Maintaining a database of suppliers

One of the goals of CRM is to create a more efficient and effective supply chain, resulting in cost savings and faster sales of goods or services. It automates and simplifies the process of communication and collaboration with suppliers. By using the system, a business can improve the efficiency of suppliers and reduce the risk of disruptions in their work.

  • Maintaining a customer base

A convenient and well-functioning customer accounting system makes the work of the sales department much more efficient. Managers will be able to quickly find the data of any customer, view his purchase history, last order date, preferences and other information, the analysis of which will help build an effective model of interaction with the customer, make him loyal and increase sales.

  • Financial Accounting

The CRM system will allow you to easily track income, expenses, transfers, and all this in the context of certain clients or transactions. It is possible to split operations on different accounts, accounts can support multicurrency. Based on the income and expenses of the CRM, the system can calculate the balance.

  • Integration with mail services

Get the ability to generate express waybills from CRM, print them in 1 click, automatically fill in data from the product catalog: size, weight, description of the shipment, track the status of delivery and set filters, control work through several senders, search by TTN numbers, etc. d.

  • Current stock balances

Optimize inventory control with CRM system. Get the ability to easily and quickly see the balances and reserve, determine the optimal margin for each position. The fact that there is always a proper balance in stock will not be controlled by you, but by the program. Thus, you will always be able to receive information on the availability of goods, which is important for effective sales, in a timely manner and effectively apply it.

  • Informing clients

Get the ability to send notifications to customers with the number, status and date of completion of the order at any time, use pre-prepared templates.
The system will also be able to automatically send messages in response to certain actions of the client (when a person places an order, he receives a notification about this, when the goods are sent from the warehouse to the delivery address, he also receives a notification) and set up email chains.

  • Purchase History Tracking

Tracking your purchase history can help you boost your standard and cross-sells. For example, if the system has data that a customer has purchased a certain product from you in the past, it can offer him a discount on a similar one. Also CRM can be used to track the date and time your customers make purchases from you. Based on this information, the system can send promotional materials.

CRM development for dropshipping

Features of developing a CRM system


Features of developing a CRM system CRM

To develop CRM systems for dropshipping, different technologies and frameworks are used. The choice of the optimal stack depends on what platform and tasks the client wants to operate on:

  • Web version. Any device and operating system can be used to run CRM on the web platform. Frontend is implemented in HTML and CSS or reactive technologies – React.js and Vue.js. Backend is created using Python, PHP (their frameworks) or Node.js.
  • Mobile app. A mobile application and a web system can have one backend. Frontend is developed on the cross-platform Flutter framework or on native technologies – for Android, Kotlin and Java are used, and for IOS, the Swift language.

The technical production of a CRM dropshipping system consists of several stages:

Step 1. Business analysis

The required information is being collected. This process includes defining the characteristics and goals of the company, its structure, focuses on the goals and objectives of the CRM system. Specialists turn to the analysis of solutions that are already on the market and hold meetings with the client.

CRM development for dropshipping

Step 2. Design and technical documentation

Design and creation of technical documentation includes the development of:

  • Development of the architecture of the future CRM, compilation of a moodboard of the main modules.
  • Mockup – the layout of the interface of the future system.
  • Full description of the developed functionality.
  • The stack of technologies that are used in the development.
  • Work Implementation Plan.
  • The timing and cost of project production are calculated based on this information.

Step 3. Design

Interface overload is a problem that every user can face, since the CRM system is a multi-tasking tool with a high concentration of functionality. That is why our UI designers devote enough time to maintain a convenient and intuitive external shell.

Regardless of the scale, specialists create a design from scratch or using ready-made components for building interfaces. The second option significantly increases the implementation speed.

Step 4. Programming

The technical part of CRM development for dropshipping consists of two parts:

The frontend part involves designing the user interface. The following technologies are used for implementation:

  • HTML/CSS is the standard technology for implementing the frontend part of the system.
  • Reactive JS technologies (frameworks VUE.JS or REACT.js) provide high performance and query processing speed.

Development with HTML/CSS takes less time and is a more budget-friendly option.

Backend part. The creation of the CRM server part, which is responsible for processing incoming requests, working with databases and interacting with external APIs, takes place using the following technologies:

  • Python frameworks (Django, Flask, FastApi) and PHP frameworks (Laravel, Yii2, Symfony) are modern software platforms that significantly speed up the creation of the CRM backend.
  • JAVA is a technology that allows you to efficiently process complex data.
  • NODE.JS is a technology that provides lightweight and efficient development solutions.

Step 5: Test and Deploy

After the development of CRM is completed, thorough testing is carried out, consisting of:

  • Performance testing

Checking how the software responds to an increase in the number of users. Developers make sure that the performance of the application does not slow down and users do not experience difficulties while using the application. Response time is checked, as well as peak load time, reliability and scalability.

  • Security checks

This is required because customer data is sensitive.

  • Functional testing

Functional testing is carried out in order to make sure that the implemented functionality complies with the original terms of reference.

A ready-made CRM system for dropshipping is placed on a public server. From that moment on, it becomes available to users. Next, the developers train the client and his staff to use the new software.

Step 6. Development and refinement

Product improvement is obviously not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that is important to keep the system up to date. Therefore, the development team should be available, and the architecture of the developed system should allow upgrading and adding new functionality according to the needs of the client.

CRM development for dropshipping in AVADA MEDIA


CRM development for dropshipping in AVADA MEDIA Development

For dropshipping, using a good CRM system can be a critical factor in improving efficiency, sales, maintaining long-term customer relationships, and more.

The AVADA MEDIA team are professionals with extensive experience in software development. Our IT-specialists are ready to work with a project of any complexity, using a modern set of technologies.

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