How to automate online rental business?

CRM for rent "PROSTO-RENTA" How to automate online rental business?

One of the most effective ways to increase business profitability involves reducing transaction costs and unnecessary costs of service and interaction with customers.

The PROSTO-RENTA FREE CRM system for the automation of commercial real estate lease was created specifically to increase the profitability of the rental business. Transparent and understandable CRM PROSTO-RENTA tools simplify the lease of space in shopping and entertainment and business centers.


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CRM tasks for renting PROSTO-RENTA

Features of the CRM system

CRM tasks for renting PROSTO-RENTA Features of the CRM system

The main task of CRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA is to simplify and automate the conduct of the rental business. In practice, in one office or shopping center, many objects of various types, areas and purposes are often rented out. Office buildings, retail outlets, and storage or even production facilities are sometimes rented in such structures.

The rental price can be affected, inter alia, by the sphere of activity of tenants, and in relations with them it is necessary to take into account the volume of utilization of communal resources. In addition, in each case, the material and technical condition of the premises and the commercial attractiveness of the property must be taken into account, depending on the location within the floor plan or the entire building.

In order to keep all these issues in mind, it was necessary to unjustifiably increase the landlord’s staff, and in addition, the property owner was not immune from possible errors related to the human factor. The manager could invoice the tenant at the wrong time, and the administrator could not respond in time to the call of the staff to service the rented premises.

The modern digital approach and CRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA makes it possible to optimize the number of posts and reduce the impact of human errors on the rental business. A significant part of the issues related to the maintenance of rental space and interaction with tenants can now be transferred to an automatic system. CRM is especially demanded and relevant for rent in large shopping centers and business centers, where at the same time you need to monitor a lot of leases and maintain regular communication with different tenants.

Free CRM system for rent


Development by Avada Media

CRM for rent PROSTO-RENTA Development by Avada Media

Avada Media, known for its projects in the field of construction, residential and commercial real estate, has developed its own CRM for renting premises in shopping centers and business centers. It is an electronic database management tool with the ability to administer the system through a web interface. At the same time, you can connect to the CRM services for renting PROSTO-RENTA and use its client capabilities not only through a web browser, but also through a mobile application on smartphones or tablets.

CRM for rent PROSTO-RENTA gives the opportunity to carry out the selection, booking, rental and registration of premises of shopping and business centers online. In order to conclude a lease agreement for a client, it is enough:

  • to choose a suitable object on the website of a shopping or business center;
  • create or gain access to the personal account of the tenant;
  • fill in the tenant’s card with all the required values.

The choice of premises for rent is most conveniently realized using two- or three-dimensional graphical visualizations, which will show the advantages and key features (area, floor, purpose) of an object on the floor plan of the structure.

After the conclusion of the lease, all interactions between the tenant and the lessor are carried out through the tenant’s personal account in the CRM system for PROSTO-RENTA rental.

Free CRM system for rent

Opportunities for the tenant and property owner

CRM functionality for rent

Opportunities for the tenant and property owner CRM functionality for rent

CRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA can be integrated into the functionality of the site of a shopping or business center. To access the functions of the system on the lessor’s side, the administrative panel and the web interface of the CRM system are used, and on the client’s side, a personal account is used on the website or in the mobile application.

The lessee in the personal account has the opportunity:

  • to receive notifications about the need to pay rent;
  • receive and send messages to the landlord;
  • pay rent through electronic payment services;
  • call technical staff, leave applications for room maintenance etc.

The lessor through the administrative services of the system can:

  • monitor the condition and status of all premises that are leased;
  • issue invoices and keep records of their payment by tenants;
  • quickly and easily interact with all customers etc.
Free CRM system for rent

What is the advantage of using CRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA

CRM tools for rent

What is the advantage of using CRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA CRM tools for rent

The CRM system involves the automation of interactions with customers or partners. Instead of tables in Excel and notepad entries, the landlord’s staff will keep records of current commercial information using several CRM databases for PROSTO-RENTA rental.

Automation is carried out through the use of such tools.

  • The commercial real estate database includes complete and detailed information about all the premises of a shopping or business center that are rented out. For ease of use, the cards of real estate are supplemented with photographs and descriptions, and the main characteristics of the property include information on the area of ​​the premises and the cost of rent.
  • The tenant base is a set of cards of commercial companies and individuals who rent real estate.

The client’s card makes it possible to download all documents related to a particular company and see the status of settlements with the tenant.

As a result, not only communication and mutual settlement is simplified, but also the influence of the human factor on the interaction between the client and the landlord is reduced. Even if the manager responsible for servicing a particular tenant quits or forgets to bill the client, PRM for renting PROSTO-RENTA will automatically remind you of this. Similarly, the CRM system using reports and diagrams will allow you to evaluate the loyalty and timeliness of payment of bills by tenants.

Use CRM to rent PROSTO-RENTA from Avada Media to increase your rental business profitability.

Avada Media developments in the field of construction, commercial and residential real estate are preferred by construction companies, developers and property owners in Odessa and other large cities of Ukraine.

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