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Cinema mobile application AVADA MEDIA

Mobile traffic surpassed stationary traffic a few years ago, since then only increasing the gap. Faced with a question or problem, a person turns to a smartphone. This fully applies to the entertainment industry – for example, cinemas.

But using a mobile browser to visit movie theater sites isn’t the fastest way. It is better to do everything in a special application with minimal effort and time.

A cinema app running on a smartphone is a great way to bring new customers to your theaters, tell them what’s new, get feedback and offer additional services to viewers.

All these possibilities are easily implemented in special applications for cinemas by the developer AVADA MEDIA. We offer turnkey applications for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Cinema app functionality


Cinema app functionality AVADA MEDIA

We develop applications in strict accordance with your needs and include only the functionality you need. Your application’s capabilities may include (but are not limited to):

  • regularly and automatically updated information about new paintings;
  • news of your cinema (network);
  • relevant information for viewers based on geolocation data (offers from local cinemas);
  • poster with the schedule of sessions;
  • the ability to quickly book and / or buy and pay for a ticket with seat selection;
  • detailed information about each film at the box office and not only: actors, link to the trailer;
  • announcement of new products and early booking;
  • a breakdown of films by category with age restrictions in the list;
  • session archive;
  • the ability to select a movie by category: genre, year, etc.
  • general promotions and discounts;
  • loyalty program: accumulative bonuses, promotional codes.

For example, in the All Movies section you can publish information about a wide variety of films – give your users interesting information in a convenient format. After reading about the films that have already been released, you can see a list of films similar in genre or films with the same actors that are currently in distribution.

In the “Categories” section, allow the user to select films from the entire extensive database by year, director, country, actor, genre and style – and then indicate which of their films can be watched now and which are being prepared for release.

Use geolocation capabilities: prompt the closest cinema to the user on your network and give the schedule of his sessions. Build customized offers based on past movies the user has watched – and those they were interested in. In addition, the application may contain information about general cinema promotions – for example, discounts on certain days.

We also offer a ready-made, reliable and convenient booking and online payment module. The user can see the layout of the hall, the cost of different seats and already occupied seats, choose the ones they like and book with one touch of the screen. Then pay with a card or, for example, in Google Pay and receive a QR code, which the ticket collector simply reads from the smartphone screen. Make purchasing tickets to your cinema simple and enjoyable with the AVADA MEDIA app.

Get customer feedback. Film lovers will not only watch the novelty, but also share their assessment and comment, especially if you stimulate them with additional bonus points. For potential viewers, comments from personally watched films are always preferable to professional reviews. For your application, we will implement push notifications that will display on the smartphone screen in standby mode notifications about the upcoming session time and show personalized notifications.

Cinema mobile application

What do you get when ordering development


What do you get when ordering development AVADA MEDIA

We offer the creation of a ready-to-use cross-platform application with an original design and excellent usability. At all stages of development, the product is thoroughly tested, and we guarantee that you will be aware of all processes and receive a turnkey application and exactly on time. Even before the start of development, we study the specifics of your business, your target audience, prioritize functionality, estimate the cost and timing of development.

Then we create a prototype of the application so that you can evaluate the logic of its work even before implementation. Next, we develop the general architecture and work on the design – palette, fonts, images, etc. Then the programmers take over the work, who work on the frontend (the visible part of the application) and the backend (the hidden software part). We have already completed similar projects before and we know how to help you!

Cinema mobile application

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Fresh works

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