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The digital transformation of business and the automation of business activities jeopardize the existence of entire professions. For example, the famous futurologist and author of books about the future, Yuval Harari predicts that in the coming years many robots and algorithms will replace many service professionals such as bank employees, stock traders, travel agents and real estate brokers. So, in order to withstand competition in the market today, the site of a real estate agency must be automated and have a CRM system for realtors.

The digital age is changing all relationships. Previously, in order to buy an apartment in the primary or secondary housing market, you first had to look at a huge number of ads for sale. Then it was necessary to select and sort the most relevant offers, make a series of phone calls and face-to-face meetings, and only then proceed with the comparison of more or less suitable objects.

And at the stage of phone calls, and in the process of viewing housing, a lot of time and effort was spent to discard irrelevant or fraudulent ads. As a result, the final choice of an apartment, especially in the secondary market, almost always became a compromise, and not an ideal option, which, perhaps, could not be found in a long list of ads.

By the way, contacting a real estate agency in the digital era did not simplify the search for an apartment and did not guarantee an optimal result. But automatic filters for finding apartments on the website of a real estate agency make it possible in two accounts to find the perfect housing option from those that are in the company database. Moreover, the automation of a real estate agency using a CRM system is beneficial not only to customers, but also to realtors. CRM allows you to automate all interactions with customers and make only targeted phone calls with a high level of conversions and final sales.

How does a modern real estate agency website work with a CRM system for realtors?

CRM for a real estate agency
Yii2 and Laravel

Real Estate Agency Website Functionality Yii2 and Laravel

Avada Media offers to use its own developments on the Yii2 and Laravel frameworks to design and implement a new site for a real estate agency. The basis and prototype of the project is the CRM-system of reservation and sale of housing “New building”, released by programmers Avada Media.

The site of a real estate agency with a CRM system for realtors should be a structured information database of several data arrays.

  • The base of real estate (apartments, parking spaces, offices) should be implemented in the form of cards with photos, descriptions and characteristics of the objects. Due to the fact that all the information on the website of the real estate agency is systematized, the necessary apartment can be found by setting the required price and area of ​​housing or by selecting the appropriate area, floor, number of rooms and other parameters in the filter. At the same time, only those offers that are really on sale will appear in the selected list of apartments (sold and booked objects will not be displayed).
  • The base of newbuildings (individual structures and residential complexes) is another important part of the site of a real estate agency. If we are talking about buying in the primary housing market, the client can start not only from the apartment, but also from a specific residential complex. Therefore, for the choice it is important to set the ability to sort the objects by the date of completion and status (commissioned or under construction), as well as allow buyers to familiarize themselves with the cards of new buildings and residential complexes, where key features of certain buildings will be indicated.
  • The customer base, including personal user profiles with the ability to upload documents for the purchase and sale of housing, is a key element of a CRM system for realtors. For each client, real estate agencies also need to create a personal card, which will indicate all his wishes regarding the apartment. It will be easy for a sales manager dealing with buyers to gain access to customer data, call him back when a new offer appears, quickly prepare a package of documents for sale and reserve a reservation, waiting for payment.
  • The base of realtors and sales managers will allow you to distribute customers and real estate between different sellers. Here, such CRM-system capabilities are useful as changing the price taking into account the percentage of the seller from the sale of an apartment or taking into account the number of objects sold by one or another realtor. Sellers of CRM-systems for realtors will have access to the administrative part of the website of a real estate agency. They will create and update the cards of apartments and new buildings, keep a record of personal data of customers and buyers, generate reports on completed transactions, analyze the behavior of buyers and other market players.

In addition, the website of a real estate agency should have a set of standard landing sections for an Internet project, such as “About the Company”, “Contacts”, “News”, “Promotions”, “Vacancies”, etc. Together with these sections, the website of the real estate agency will be a convenient interface for managing databases of housing, customers and sellers.

Data synchronization between arrays of information should occur without delay, and the site itself should be adaptive and run quickly on all common platforms. Access to the CRM-system for realtors will be available to users of all modern versions of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers for any of the operating systems.


Why is the development of a real estate agency website necessary for us? AVADA-MEDIA

Avada Media has vast experience in developing online real estate projects, including:

  • creating portals for real estate agencies;
  • development of sites for developers, residential complexes and new buildings;
  • programming of web systems for management companies.

Using these developments, we are ready to deploy and implement a real estate agency website with a CRM system for realtors in just one month. And this is at least 2-3 times faster than the individual development of a portal for a real estate agency by programmers who are not familiar with the construction market.

If you order the development of a real estate agency website at Avada Media, you will save time that will be spent on prototyping the project and setting up a detailed technical task. At the same time, the design and the final functionality of the website of the real estate agency will still meet your needs.

The existing CRM system for realtors and the skeleton of a real estate agency site will be performed by the Avada Media team on the Yii2 and Laravel frameworks. This will give you the flexibility to customize and modify the final product. And the design of the site interface in any case will meet your corporate style.

Order the creation of a real estate agency website at Avada Media to meet the new requirements for the quality of services in the housing market. We are chosen by real estate companies not only in Odessa, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

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