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Free classifieds site OLX.ua, aka former Slando, bought out by the international OLX group a few years ago, is the largest of such boards in Ukraine with millions of users and tens of millions of ads per week in all areas. Real estate and transportation, things and tools, tilers and tutoring services are all looking for on OLX, and this is why the site provides such an interest for many marketers and entrepreneurs. But the manual analysis of ads would take so long that the results would most likely be irrelevant. Therefore, we offer you the development of a special program for parsing OLX.


Such a program is called a parser, and it is designed to automatically collect information from open sources, including the OLX website. With the help of the OLH parser developed by AVADA MEDIA, you can automate many tasks related to the collection of information of any kind. This can be both the contact information of users who post ads in certain sections, and prices for certain lots. The search can be extremely specific, for example, by username, region and other parameters.

Parser for OLX

What are the advantages of the OLX parser


What are the advantages of the OLX parser AVADA-MEDIA

Thus, the OLX parser can be useful in a wide variety of cases:

  • sellers of a specific product who want to research the market or find relevant descriptions and photographs;
  • real estate agents collecting offers for their clients;
  • entrepreneurs who work in the resale of certain types of goods, for example, used cars;
  • those who want to find new suppliers or buyers.

The parser allows not only to automate the work of collecting ads, but also to save the collected data in a user-friendly form, to export to a CMS or upload. Also, the parser can be easily configured to monitor specific categories or keywords at a user-defined frequency. In this case, the parser will signal when there are updates in the search results for the specified parameters.

The only thing that is required of the user is to configure the parameters of the parser, namely, the choice of the type of data to be parsed, keywords, sections and other parameters. We provide training to work with the OLX parser, developed by AVADA MEDIA, so that you can get the most out of it.

Parser for OLX




You can find free parsers for OLX on the Internet, but they do not solve all problems, as they have limited functionality and low speed. But the main thing is that they are unable to penetrate the sections and fields of the ad site, protected from parsing.

The parser developed by us can open and view phone numbers, e-mail addresses in the html-code of the page, as well as watch ads that are closed from parsing by simulating the behavior of a human user.

In addition, the OLX parser from AVADA MEDIA works much faster than its free counterparts, since we offer multi-threaded parsers for different tasks that perform many processes at the same time.

OLX parsing is done in three stages:

  • collection of data, by position in separate columns: name, location, number, time of publication, main text, user, photos, price, contact information;
  • export of data, which can be provided in tabular form, to Excel or another program, it is also possible to save it in CSV format;
  • if necessary, export to the site.

By contacting AVADA MEDIA, you can be sure that you will receive a fast and high-quality tool for parsing the largest ad site in Ukraine with a wide range of functionality customized for specific tasks.

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