Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence

Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare Artificial intelligence

Technologies using artificial intelligence are becoming more and more in demand in the fields of healthcare and medicine. Even now, they help to accurately diagnose diseases, prescribe optimal treatment, form the necessary molecular structure in the development of drugs, and solve many other important problems. As a result, medicine is becoming not only better, but also the most accessible all over the world.

The main investors in the development of AI in medicine are, of course, large corporations such as IBM, Google, Apple and General Electric. But no less important role in the market is played by small startups, which often offer non-standard and effective solutions. In this article, we propose to talk about exactly how technologies based on artificial intelligence are transforming the modern healthcare system.

Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

What is artificial intelligence

Technology Description

What is artificial intelligence Technology Description

Let’s start with what artificial intelligence is. In fact, this is a system of algorithms based on machine learning, capable of solving cognitive problems by analogy with the human brain: self-learning, identifying patterns, finding ways to fix problems and making decisions on its own.

On the practical side, there are many benefits to using AI. Here are the main ones:

  • High speed and accuracy of data processing.
  • Continuous availability – AI works without interruption, 24/7.
  • Lack of human factor.
  • Ability to predict events and avoid negative scenarios.
  • The ability to self-learn and constantly improve the accuracy of decisions made.

Together, this makes the technology almost indispensable in the field of healthcare.

How AI is being used in medicine

Practical application

How AI is being used in medicine Practical application

Today, there are many applications of artificial intelligence technology in healthcare. Consider the most popular and promising of them.

Carrying out diagnostics

Correct and timely diagnosis is of great importance in prescribing the right treatment. At the same time, the symptoms of different diseases can be similar, which increases the risk of medical errors. Thus, according to studies, doctors make diagnostic errors in 10-20% of cases, while 30% of them endanger the patient’s life.

Technologies based on artificial intelligence can fundamentally change this situation. They help professional doctors quickly process and transmit information, and in some cases even completely replace qualified medical workers. As a result, the accuracy of diagnoses increases to 94%.

AI-based mHealth applications can be called a separate area of diagnostic medicine. They are used not by doctors, but by patients and help to identify diseases as accurately as possible based on the symptoms described. In addition, such solutions are able to give recommendations regarding the intake of drugs, diet, exercise, and if necessary, they are advised to seek qualified help from a doctor.

Diagnostic Imaging

This direction of the implementation of AI in healthcare is closely related to the previous one. Medical imaging helps doctors get a complete picture of the state of the internal organs and tissues of a person using various methods: ultrasound, CT, MRI and x-rays.

At the same time, artificial intelligence not only visualizes the patient’s condition, but also conducts its own analysis, highlighting areas in which deviations from the physiological norm were found. This allows you to almost completely eliminate the likelihood that the doctor will not notice the problem.

Researchers’ data from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute show that the accuracy of diagnosing IS is as good as, and sometimes even better than, that of skilled medical professionals.

Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Practical application

Practical application

Personalization of medical services

In healthcare, personalization is not just about improving service. This is a new global trend aimed at improving the effectiveness of treatment, which takes into account environmental factors, genetic characteristics and lifestyle of each patient. In simple terms, a genetic analysis of a person’s saliva can show how effective a certain drug or type of therapy will be for him.

The development of this area in healthcare is largely based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. They analyze and classify huge amounts of data – information about patients, their medical history, indicators and composition of medicines, etc., then establish hidden relationships between them and display the most accurate result.

Assistance in the selection of individual treatment

According to Delve Health, every 20 minutes a new medical article is published in the world, and Medline, the largest knowledge base in the field of healthcare, is replenished with an average of 870,000 new links per year.

In such conditions, it is quite difficult for physicians to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovative practices.

Therefore, doctors need specialized decision support systems – CDSS, which work based on artificial intelligence technology. Such services combine the patient’s medical history, test results, data from medical reference books and the latest research, find dependencies, and then help to choose the most effective and modern therapy.

Patient visit planning

Optimizing your visit schedule is an important task for any clinic. It allows you to get rid of queues, better plan the use of resources and, of course, increase patient satisfaction.

AI-based scheduling systems take into account many factors, such as the likelihood of visits being canceled or rescheduled, the severity of human complaints, the weather conditions in the region, and even traffic congestion. As a result, the medical company gets the opportunity to organize its work much better.

Implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Development of AI-based technologies in AVADA MEDIA

Development of AI-based technologies in AVADA MEDIA

AI technology is one of the main drivers of growth in the healthcare industry, and every year attracts more and more investments from both large corporations and private investors. And despite the fact that artificial intelligence is not yet used in all areas of medicine, its potential in this direction is simply enormous.

Our team has experience in developing advanced AI and machine learning solutions for the healthcare market and will help you implement any innovative ideas. We always take into account the individual needs of our customers, and strive to find unique technical solutions for their tasks.

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