Software for image (goods) recognition


Software for image (goods) recognition AVADA-MEDIA

The rapid development of artificial intelligence makes it possible to use it in many spheres and areas: marketing, industry, finance, education, medicine, entertainment and business. The potential of neural networks and computer vision contributes to the emergence of software for automatic recognition of various goods and images, which greatly simplifies the work with them.


Companies are leveraging new technologies to address a range of challenges, from security to retail and customer satisfaction surveys.

Software for image (goods) recognition

Implementation of neural networks in software for product recognition


Implementation of neural networks in software for product recognition AVADA-MEDIA

The principle of operation and structure of a neural network are comparable to the human nervous system, which is able to self-learn based on accumulated experience, as well as interpret it in order to avoid repeated mistakes in the future. The larger the basis for learning is provided to artificial intelligence, the faster it processes information and improves. Each neuron is a separate computational element that is connected to the neurons of the previous and next layers of the network.

Most actively, pattern recognition technology is used in commerce. For example, eBay and Boohoo help customers find the product they are interested in, even if buyers find it difficult to choose keywords for search. Instead, they can point their smartphone at the product they are looking for or select a photo and then make a request. Applications such as Lookwish and NICE offer their users not only to pick, but also to “try on” certain things.

Recognition occurs simultaneously by different parameters: shape, color, packaging, size, etc. As the system encounters new information, the conceptual model for each object is gradually expanded and refined.

Quite broad recognition functionality provides a number of possibilities applicable for both personal and commercial use. These include:

  • improved visual search;
  • moderation of user-generated content;
  • interactive marketing.

The scope of this technology is much wider, and it is actively used to perform certain tasks. Feature recognition and feature extraction is also an important part of other sophisticated computer vision techniques such as object detection and segmentation.

Thus, retailers have the opportunity to quickly increase sales, provide better customer service, select suitable products, and monitor their availability in the store and on display windows.

Almost any goods can act as recognizable images. During training, the network learns them with a label of what type the object can be attributed to. The set of features allows the network to clearly define which class of images it deals with.

Software for image (goods) recognition

Advantages of developing software for product recognition at AVADA MEDIA


Advantages of developing software for product recognition at AVADA MEDIA AVADA-MEDIA

AVADA MEDIA has been developing software of any complexity for more than nine years, including modern solutions for image recognition based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Today, computer vision technology makes many business processes faster, cheaper and safer. The definition of an object in an image or in a video stream remains one of the most demanded areas with great potential. According to experts, in the foreseeable future, the technology will continue to develop both in the direction of productivity and quality.

There are several main reasons why the use of product recognition software is imperative for enterprises, in particular to improve productivity, optimize the supply chain and improve customer service in general.

There are many uses for technology that give companies a competitive edge in their field. Let’s look at some of the most common examples:

  • Retail and ecommerce (solutions that improve the quality of customer service, virtual purchases based on AR / VR, improving user experience, automating routine operations with goods, etc.).
  • Automotive industry (development of self-driving cars, auto-control based on neural networks: the system recognizes road signs, orientates itself in space, notices pedestrians and ensures the correct and safe reaction of the vehicle).
  • Delivery and logistics (automation of various business processes, planning and checking of stocks, monitoring, quality control, optimization of drone operation, etc.).
  • Marketing (collecting data to identify and analyze patterns, promoting a product on the market, attracting customers).
  • Aviation (auto-recognition of radar signals, UAVs).
  • Production (control over the production and quality of manufactured products, as well as the identification of objects by a neural network – in the future, this approach will completely eliminate the human factor).
  • Healthcare (early detection of symptoms of various diseases using object detection tools, automatic image processing, monitoring and forecasting).
  • Security (identification of persons, license plates and identity).

The pace of development and implementation of artificial intelligence in many areas demonstrates that new technologies have great development prospects in various areas. Neural networks are capable of learning, so that they can be optimized and maximized functionality.

Every second of time saved through automation translates into higher turnover and higher profits for the business. The object recognition system, designed by our specialists, can be easily integrated with the website, chatbot, mobile applications and internal systems of the enterprise. We create modern, reliable and fully functional software solutions in the shortest possible time.

Software for image (goods) recognition

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