Online and offline commerce: how to combine all the sales channels of an online store Avada-media

Today, online trading is an integral and indispensable component of any business in the field of retail sales. The simplest online stores today make even small retail retailers. And, of course, a company that has a warehouse and its own points of sale of goods should have a reliable e-commerce system. But what if offline sales come from the same warehouse as electronic? In this case, you need an online store with an offline cash desk.

The problem of synchronizing e-commerce systems with an offline store is that even with regular updating of data on the stock of goods in the warehouse (say, every night), errors may appear.

In such a situation, it is important to configure continuous synchronization of the online store database and points of sale, but it is better to use a cloud solution.

The web application for online and offline trading from AVADA-MEDIA is a product developed by our specialists specifically for e-commerce. It doesn’t matter for our system exactly how the goods will be sold — through an electronic application and online payments in an online store or for cash and with a credit card at an offline point of sale — the transaction data immediately goes to the central database, where all stock balances are taken into account.

Online and offline commerce: how to combine all the sales channels of an online store
Avada Media Services

Online store with offline cash desk Avada Media Services

Avada Media’s development focused on automating both online and offline sales is truly a unique one-stop solution. Having ordered from us the development of an online store for any number of products with an offline-sale module that connects to the database of the Internet system, you will receive an individual system for your business. And this will no doubt increase the efficiency of both the e-commerce system and the stores.

Despite the use of a ready-made framework of an online store with an offline cash desk from Avada Media, the functionality, structure and design of an e-commerce system will be developed specifically for your needs in the required corporate style.

Online and offline commerce: how to combine all the sales channels of an online store

Functional Benefits Offline-Cashier

The development of Avada Media was made on the Yii2 PHP framework. This system is a full-fledged and very fast online store with an offline cash desk module, which can be deployed in a few weeks for any business.

An online store with an offline cash desk for the retail sale of goods from Avada Media may include the following components:

  • a web system for the online sale of goods (classic online store);
  • mobile app for e-commerce for iOS and Android (additional module for mobile sales);
  • administrative panel for adding products to the Internet system (CMS admin panel);
  • component for offline-point of sale (cash register + barcode scanner).

Such a system instantly synchronizes online and offline sales with a database of goods. This allows you to receive in real time and without delay accurate information about the balances in the warehouse of goods

Online and offline commerce: how to combine all the sales channels of an online store
System implementation steps

How is the development of an online store with an offline cash desk System implementation steps

In order to launch an online store with an offline cash desk, you need to perform approximately the same algorithm of actions as when creating a traditional online store. The presence of a ready-made prototype in the Yii2 PHP framework allows accelerating the writing and implementation of an electronic system by several times.

The implementation of our system includes the following stages:

  • analysis of the existing company business and existing electronic solutions (study of the target audience and portrait of customers, analysis of existing sales schemes and working sites);
  • compiling the semantic core and directory structure of the online store, prototyping the system;
  • creation of user interface design taking into account the required functionality and corporate style;
  • programming Front-end and Back-end parts of the system based on the existing platform (Yii2) with the integration of electronic sales and offline-cash registers;
  • testing the system, placing it on the Internet, filling the site, training personnel, advertising and promoting an online store (if desired).

Using a prototype online store with an offline cash desk from Avada Media makes it possible to significantly save time and money in programming the server side (Back-end ) an online store that is responsible for the main functionality, accounting and sales.

Having ordered an online store with an offline cash desk at Avada Media, you will take your business to a new level of development.

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