Entrepreneurship related to the construction of residential real estate carries many risks. They relate primarily to investing, competent design and reliable housing construction. Issues of arranging the infrastructure and legitimizing the rights to the land where the house or housing complex is being built also require solutions. Equally important is a competent real estate sales strategy with advertising in the media and the site of a construction company on the Internet. We are ready to launch a turnkey developer site for you in just a few weeks. We only need your desire, a ready-made platform and a skeleton for building the site – we have it.

Often, developers prefer to launch a separate site for a construction company for each specific project or large object. For example, for a quarter of several multi-storey buildings, a cottage town or a gated residential complex, it is better to create a separate site, rather than combine them into a portal under the brand name of the developer.

Such an approach is advantageous, because at a relatively low operational cost, the developer company receives a full-fledged tool, available both for business and for customers or company employees.

Moreover, in the case of construction real estate, this should not be just a business card site or a primitive landing page with minimal functionality, which may be enough for many other purposes. It is better if it is an easy and quick web project, where you can get an idea about the real estate company itself and the construction site.

On such a site, behind a beautiful infographic, graphic illustrations, plans and visualizations of the interiors of apartments and house facades, useful links with map services and forms for communication, serious functional content will be hidden. In addition, the site for the construction company should have an adaptive design and open on all devices – from smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android to laptops and desktop computers for Windows or MacOS.



Individual development of a functional and modern construction site will require a lot of time. After all, not all programmers understand the specifics of the real estate market, and especially not all have experience in implementing development projects.

If you turn to software developers who do not have experience working with construction companies, you will have to go through a long and complicated process of all stages of software development – from writing an extended technical task and prototyping a web project to programming the server and user parts of the construction site.

Avada Media has considerable experience in the development and implementation of commercial projects in the field of construction and real estate. Our portfolio includes:

  • successfully implemented sites and portals for developers and construction companies;
  • real estate web projects;
  • sites of residential complexes and new buildings.

The key argument in favor of Avada Media is the availability of a turnkey solution for developers, which already implements the basic functionality.

In order to make the site of a construction company with our help, it will be necessary to focus not on thinking over the architecture and principles of the web project, but on practical tasks:

  • creating a user interface design in a corporate style;
  • adaptive website layout for all devices;
  • finalization of the program code and testing of the project, taking into account the existing functionality.

Avada Media is able to launch a serious construction site using its own off-the-shelf platform in just one month. And this is at least 2-3 times faster than the individual development of a construction company’s website from scratch by programmers who are not familiar with the construction market.

Construction company site


The backbone of a construction company’s site may contain such key sections.

  • The site’s main landing page. Usually, brief information about the developer is given here, an announcement of the construction and finished real estate is given, arguments are given in favor of choosing your construction company.
  • The sections “About the Company” and “Contacts” are needed not only to provide feedback and understandable localization of construction sites on Google maps. Often, other commercial information is also indicated here, including, for example, data on open vacancies. Telephone or electronic communication modules, as well as the option to send a resume from the construction company’s website, should be integrated into the functionality of the device on which the web project is open.
  • A dossier with object cards is another key section of the construction company’s website, which lists all the options for apartments or cottages under construction.

It is better if the object cards will be a multimedia presentation of construction with infographics about the price and area of ​​objects, as well as the possibility of presenting real estate data through video, graphics and text. Site navigation should allow you to select and switch to other residential complexes of the construction company or to individual sections of this object.

  • The sections “News”, “Articles” and “Promotions” will allow customers and employees of the developer to keep abreast of developments related to the activities of the construction company. It is important that press releases on the commissioning of construction projects, as well as information on discounts and sales, first of all appear on the official website of the construction company and are then quoted in independent media.
  • The administrative panel of the site of the construction company should allow conveniently updating and adding a wide variety of information (articles, object cards, vacancies, etc.) to the site of the developer without updating the program code.
Construction company site


The main functionality of the construction company’s site can be expanded using ready-made solutions of other standard web projects in real estate from AVADA-MEDIA.

CRM-system for developers “NOVOSTROY”, created by programmers Avada Media, is designed for instant booking and sale of real estate. All data on real estate, including the documentation necessary for the sale, as well as detailed information about buyers, realtors and construction status, are summarized in one database. The functions of the CRM system, which can be connected to the site of the developer, will be available to both customers and sales managers. When changing the status of an object (completion of construction, purchase, booking, etc.) in CRM, updated information about it will immediately be displayed on the construction site without additional synchronization.

  • The web system for the management company in the housing sector “My House 24” is another useful development tool for Avada Media, which can be useful after the completion of the project. The digital solution is not just a business card website of the management company, but an integrated web project and a mobile application with personal accounts of residents, where you can leave a request for utilities. At the same time, an expanded admin panel is provided for the personnel of the management company, where you can quickly get detailed information about property owners, utility debts, meter readings, etc. A similar web solution integrated into the site of a construction company can become a new quality standard for official sites of cottage towns or housing estates.

Order in Avada Media the development of the site of the construction company based on our platforms for the real estate market and make an investment in the availability and marketability of your business. Entrust your choice to professionals who are familiar with the niche of commercial construction in Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.

Construction company site
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