Logistics and transport

Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

Logistics and transport

Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL Logistics and transport

Optimization of business processes, including logistics, plays an important role in business development. To solve this issue, some companies prefer to delegate the transportation of goods to contractors, while others build their own supply chains, which can significantly increase the profitability of the enterprise and consumer loyalty.

And if in the first case everything is quite simple, then in the second – there is a need to create a logistics system. This is a tool that simplifies and speeds up the tasks associated with the delivery of goods to end consumers. Automated systems are able to perform the same tasks as a full-time operator, only much faster, more accurately and with minimal risk.

What tasks does the logistics system solve


What tasks does the logistics system solve Functionality

An intelligent logistics system is a rather complex software product, the functionality of which is aimed at improving the efficiency of supply chains, reducing risks and increasing business profitability.

Let’s take a closer look at the main modules that can be implemented to achieve these goals:

  • Organization of warehouses. Simplifies inventory management and reduces inventory costs.
  • Choice of delivery method. The module can automatically determine the optimal delivery method, which simplifies the coordination and planning of logistics operations.
  • Building a route. It is used for automatic calculation and generation of the most rational routes for the movement of trucks, taking into account the planned direct and return deliveries.
  • Digital document management. With the help of the logistics system, the company can switch to electronic document management and completely abandon paper. This enhances control, enhances the customer experience and minimizes risk.
  • Cargo monitoring. Allows real-time monitoring of the location and storage conditions of products: temperature, air humidity and other characteristics.
  • Transport maintenance. The company’s fleet needs mandatory and regular maintenance. The logistics system controls this issue and notifies in advance of the approaching MOT.

Note that the functionality of logistics systems is focused on the individual needs of a particular business, and may differ for different companies.

Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

Why you should invest in web applications

Benefits of Web Applications

Why you should invest in web applications Benefits of Web Applications

A large number of specialists are involved in the organization of logistics processes, but not all of them have constant access to a computer.

Drivers, warehouse workers, forwarders, sales representatives are those employees who are rarely in the office, but have a huge impact on the supply chain. Therefore, for more efficient process management, it is important for businesses to provide them with constant access to the logistics system.

In such circumstances, the most appropriate solution would be to invest in the development of a web application. The fact is that it does not depend on the operating system and works directly in the browser interface. Accordingly, it can be used to work on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Also, web applications have many other advantages, for example:

  • They are not installed on the device and do not take up memory.
  • Managed on a single centralized server.
  • They provide a good level of security.
  • Convenient, as they work in the browser environment familiar to users.
  • Can be integrated with various third-party services.
Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

Benefits of the Laravel Framework

Features of Laravel

Benefits of the Laravel Framework Features of Laravel

Laravel is one of the most sought after PHP frameworks that is used to quickly build robust and performant web applications. Its main advantages include:

  • Versatility. Laravel has no limitations in terms of capabilities and allows you to create technical solutions of any complexity.
  • High performance. The framework supports noSQL databases, which are characterized by increased speed compared to conventional databases. In addition, Laravel gives you the ability to manage caching and provides its own process queuing mechanism.
  • A large number of packages and libraries. To solve certain tasks, developers can use ready-made Laravel libraries, which significantly increases the speed of production.
  • Safety. The framework has built-in mechanisms to protect against SQL injection and XSS attacks.
  • Loyal community. Laravel has a large community, so the project will never have problems with professional support.
Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

How is the development of logistics systems on Laravel

Stages of Development

How is the development of logistics systems on Laravel Stages of Development

To develop logistics systems on the Laravel framework, we use the Scrum methodology. It involves an iterative approach – all tasks are distributed among team members and completed in short sprints of up to two weeks.

This allows you to establish effective communication with the client and opens up the possibility of introducing new ideas into the project at any time during production.

There are also development stages. Let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

Stage 1. Research

Creating a logistics system requires developers to be completely immersed in the client’s business. Only with this approach it is possible to create a truly useful product that will bring economic benefits to the company.

Therefore, at the first stage, we carefully study the work processes in the client’s company, its requirements, wishes and experience in using similar solutions.

Stage 2. Design and development of documentation

Design is one of the main stages of development, which allows you to test different ideas and find the best technical solutions for the future logistics system. At the same time, any edits and changes to the prototype are made very quickly, without large financial investments. In addition, the design solves a number of other important tasks:

  • Detect and fix bugs early.
  • Development optimization.
  • Budget savings and risk minimization.
  • Usability assessment – the ease of use of the interface.

To present the prototype to the customer, we also create demonstration videos, in which we explain the features of certain functions using voice and specific examples.

Stage 3. Design development

The web-based system for logistics can work on different devices. Therefore, designers are faced with the task of creating an attractive and adaptive interface with which users can easily interact on computers and mobile gadgets without experiencing discomfort.

Stage 4. Programming

Technical development is the most time-consuming stage, which consists of two parts:

  • Frontend. This is the user part of the system with which users work on the client side. When it is created, layout is performed, animations, interactive transitions and other elements are created that make interaction with the product convenient and comfortable.

To implement these tasks, static HTML / CSS / JavaScript technologies or reactive technologies – Vue.js / React.js can be used.

  • Backend. The backend is the backend of the application that handles user interaction with server data. It can be developed both on the Laravel PHP framework and using other technologies such as Java, Python, Django/Symphony, Node.js and others. The implementation of this part includes: writing the functional code, designing the database architecture and integrating the product with external services via APIs.

Stage 5. Testing

Testing allows you to identify and eliminate most of the technical problems in the logistics system before it is put into operation. To do this, QA engineers model various use cases, check the correct operation of each function and control the fixing of bugs.

Stage 6. Technical support and development

After the release, the logistics system is connected to professional technical support.


This guarantees the fastest possible correction of any errors in the operation of the product that were not detected earlier.

The implementation on the Laravel framework also makes it possible to refine and improve the product in the future. This means that it will be possible to add new functionality to the existing logistics system, improve the existing one, and even change the visual design. To implement such tasks, patches with updates are released, which are simply installed in an already working environment.

Development of web systems for logistics on LARAVEL

Development of web systems for logistics on Laravel in AVADA MEDIA

Development of web systems for logistics on Laravel in AVADA MEDIA

Business automation with the help of intelligent logistics systems will help your business build more efficient supply chains and control them at all stages – from the receipt and storage of goods, to delivery to end consumers. This will minimize risks and reduce associated costs, as well as allow you to receive additional profit. As a result, investments in a web-based logistics system will quickly pay off and, as practice shows, this is already happening in the medium term.

The AVADA MEDIA team has extensive experience in developing software for the logistics industry. Working on a project, we carefully study the client’s company – processes, features and priorities. Therefore, each of our solutions has a specific goal, and is aimed at optimizing and increasing the profitability of the customer’s business.

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