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Watching sports and cybersport events has become an integral part of life for most people. Often true fans know everything about their favorite teams and athletes, and betting sites give them the opportunity to monetize their hobby and get real financial gain.



According to a report by Zion Market Research, the global sports betting market will grow to $179 billion by 2028, and its average annual growth will be in the range of 9%, which makes the niche extremely attractive for investment. In this article, let’s talk about the peculiarities of betting site development and what you need to start your own business in this field.



Choice of sport

What to choose

Choice of sport What to choose

Large bookmakers, such as Parimatch and 1Xbet, offer bets on all existing sports, and to compete with them requires a large marketing budget. If it is limited, you can go the other way – limit yourself to betting on one category or one sport. This will help make the site more recognizable and improve the user experience, as visitors will not be distracted by other disciplines.

In the future, when the site has already earned a reputation and will be visited, the list of services offered can be expanded.

To choose the right niche, you need to take into account the region in which the site will focus. For example, soccer dominates in Europe, while the U.S. is more interested in basketball and American soccer.

Overview of tariff systems


Overview of tariff systems Rates

One of the main elements of the bookmaker’s website is the calculation of the amount of winnings. There are several systems for calculating odds, consider the most popular of them:

  • European system

The calculation of the odds is performed according to the algorithm: one integer and N tenths, where N is a quotient of 100% / on the probability of winning one of the parties. For example, if the user’s bet was $100, and the chance of the team winning was 50%, the amount of winnings will be calculated as follows: 100 * odds of 1.2 (100% / 50%). Correspondingly, the winnings would be $20.

  • American System

Bets in the format “+120 and -200” are used here. The number on the right shows the size of the bet, and on the left – the amount of winnings. Accordingly, in this example, if a person bets $200, he will get $120 if he wins.

  • The Hong Kong system

Here, the principle of rewarding is the same as in the European system, and the only difference is that the coefficient is specified without the first unit, for example, not 1.4, but 0.4. At the same time, the size of winnings will not change.

  • The British system

Uses odds in fraction format, for example 3/10. In this case the winnings at a bet of $100 will be $30. The calculation is carried out according to the formula: bet size / number on the right * number on the left, respectively 100 / 10 * 30.

  • Indonesian system

Calculations are made in the same way as in the U.S. system, only here are used decimal fractions, such as +1.2 and -2.9.

In the process of realization of the site all formulas are entered in the system and thoroughly tested, so all calculations for every match and user are done automatically, which makes it much easier to work with clients.

Development of betting sites

Fraud protection system

Protection system

Fraud protection system Protection system

Since the work of batting sites is associated with a large number of financial transactions, the safety of the algorithms is one of the top priorities. In particular, it is worth taking care of:

  • Reliability of all internal payments.
  • Blocking fake accounts.
  • Developing a system for identifying bots.



  • A system to prevent abuse of bonuses.
  • Tracking of connections between users who can potentially interact to bypass algorithms.

In addition, it is necessary to create a secure system for the automatic payment of rewards, which will reduce the operational burden on the company’s employees.



What functions a betting site should have


What functions a betting site should have Functions

A site for working with sports betting is a technological tool with extensive functionality that performs a huge amount of calculations. To work effectively in the betting industry, a project must have several basic features:

  • Personal account

It is necessary for a user to manage his personal balance, track the history of bets and their results. In this case, authorization should be as simple and clear as possible, for example, using an account in social networks.

  • Choice of bets

The interface for a quick selection of the sport, team or individual player on which you can make a bet. The set of elements can differ, depending on the peculiarities of the separate sports discipline.

  • Bets help

The guide, which will help to understand the betting system even for beginners. It could be implemented as a popup help or in the form of a separate section with examples and screenshots.

  • Match Calendar

The schedule of upcoming sports events will help the user to plan his future bets and find his favorite teams. Most often this information is added to the site automatically through the bookmakers’ API.

  • Information about the team/player

Brief and objective information about the latest results, strengths and weaknesses of teams and players will help the user to make the right choice in the process of betting.

  • Choice of types of bets

Betting options may vary depending on the sport and preferences of the user.

  • Results of the match

Detailed statistics for each individual match, which should include the performance of the entire team and each individual player. This will allow the user to make objective conclusions and take them into account when making future bets.

  • Betting results

Interface where user will be able to track the current bets and to analyze the previous ones.

  • Payment system

Payment gateways should allow the user to enter and withdraw money from the system in a few clicks.

Stages of developing batting sites

Site development

Stages of developing batting sites Site development

Websites for eSports betting are highly technologically advanced, and a whole team of specialists in different fields is involved in their creation. In AVADA MEDIA company the production process is divided into several main stages:

  • Pre-production

A stage of preparation for the development, during which the specialists define what tasks the project will solve, for what target audience it is oriented and what additional integrations are required.

  • Drawing up the technical documentation

When the goals and objectives are defined, the technical documentation of the project is created, where the technology to be used in the production process, the estimated terms of realization and budget are described.

  • Designing

At this stage, a map of the future project and a convenient navigation system are formed. Since batting-sites are characterized by high functionality, this step should be paid special attention, because it largely depends on how visitors will be convenient to use a resource.

  • Design development

Designers create a layout of a user-friendly interface, with which visitors will interact.



  • Front-end development

The prepared layout is “translated” into a browser-understandable format. Frontenders create the visible part of the site and are responsible for how it will be displayed on different devices. In addition, they build the logic for transferring data to the server and back.

  • Backend-development

The server part of the project remains invisible to the end user, but it is responsible for the logic of the whole project. It receives the data transmitted by the client, processes it in accordance with the algorithm, and displays the desired result.

  • Testing

After the completion of development, the site is transferred to the quality control department where QA engineers carry out its comprehensive testing. This is necessary to detect and eliminate possible bugs before the site begins to work with real visitors.

  • Filling with content

The site is assigned a domain name, then it is placed on a public hosting and filled with content.



Where to order the development of a site for sports betting


Where to order the development of a site for sports betting Development

The sports betting market is rapidly developing with new technologies and opportunities for effective betting. If you are planning to start a business in the betting industry contact AVADA MEDIA.

Our specialists have wide experience in this field and will help you to create not only a browser-based site, but also a mobile application for your future project.

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Fresh works

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