Overview of game equipment stores

Overview of game equipment stores


Overview of game equipment stores GAME DEVELOPMENT

Modern games amaze with their photorealistic graphics and mechanics, they make a person believe that the virtual world exists for real and make it possible to live hundreds of lives in the role of a wide variety of heroes. However, to ensure a comfortable game, you need the appropriate equipment and a regular office computer will not help much here.

For gaming, special equipment is produced, designed for fast data processing, with a powerful cooling system and minimal response time. Every detail is important here, including ergonomics. The AVADA MEDIA team has prepared an overview of the most popular gaming stores where you can buy not only the right equipment, but also a variety of themed accessories.



Newegg Gaming

A popular store for gamers, primarily focused on the US and European market, trusted by millions of people. Only monthly site traffic varies within 16 million unique users. In addition, Newegg regularly wins awards and is a leading retailer.

The Newegg range is really impressive. Here you can find:

  • game consoles of different generations and accessories for them;
  • digital copies of video games;
  • gaming desktops, laptops and PCs;
  • VR headset and accessories for virtual reality;
  • gaming monitors, computer mice, mats, chairs and much more.


For users who know exactly their needs, the store offers to build their own gaming computer – with the right amount of memory, CPU, video card and other components, which will allow them to achieve maximum performance.

Newegg is the official seller of all the brands presented, so the products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but in addition, the user can purchase an additional warranty from the store itself for 3 or 4 years to choose from, which is especially important for gaming products, since they are subjected to high loads during the game.

Newegg adheres to an average pricing policy, while there are constant discounts and unique offers, and the list of promotional products is updated daily.

Overview of game equipment stores




A store for true gamers who can’t get enough of virtual reality. In addition to professional gaming headphones, keyboards and gamepads, there is a huge collection of additional accessories:

  • figurines of in-game characters;
  • mouse pads depicting heroes of virtual universes;
  • themed key rings, t-shirts and sweatshirts;
  • stickers and posters;
  • interactive robot toys game characters and more.

Despite the fact that SHOP FOR GAMERS is primarily focused on the US market, it provides free worldwide shipping, so every gamer can purchase a quality product at a reasonable price, regardless of where they live. More than 5 million unique users visit the store every month, which demonstrates its popularity and credibility in the market.



GamePro Gaming

GamePro Shop was founded in 2009 and specializes in the sale of high-performance gaming peripherals. The store presents products of original brands at affordable prices: monitors, desktop PCs, ultrabooks, gamepads and more. All products are certified and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The peculiarity of GamePro is that it has a 7-day trade-in policy.

That is, if after delivery it turns out that the product has a defect, the store is guaranteed to exchange it for the same item or return the money.

GamePro also offers its customers a lot of promotional offers and a cumulative discount system – when purchasing goods for a certain amount, you receive vouchers that can be used for partial payment during future purchases.




At first glance, this is another standard store for gamers. Here you can also buy a lot of goods related to the gaming industry:

  • game consoles;
  • laptops and PCs;
  • headset for sound;
  • digital copies of video games;
  • themed clothes with a stylish print dedicated to popular gaming projects.

However, GAME GEAR offers customers a unique loyalty program – FOGG. Its meaning is that when purchasing a product, the user is offered to register in a special service that will track his progress in passing games. Upon reaching certain results, he can be rewarded in the form of free goods, tickets to gaming events and many other interesting bonuses.

The loyalty program is in beta testing and is already available to users.

Overview of game equipment stores

Gaming Good Shop


Gaming Good Shop Gaming

A popular store with over 1.3 million monthly traffic, where you can find everything you need for efficient gaming. Here is a wide range of:

  • components for a gaming PC: processors, video cards, RAM and hard drives;
  • monitors;
  • power supplies;
  • audio accessories: microphones, speakers, sound cards;
  • keyboards, computer mice and rugs for them;
  • gamepads;
  • gaming headset;
  • accessories for simulation games.

By creating a personal account, the user can plan purchases by adding the goods he is interested in to favorites. All products are covered by the official manufacturer’s warranty, so in case of problems, you can always make a return.

Of the minuses of the store, it is worth noting the rather high prices and the lack of promotional offers.

Where to order the development of a game inventory store


Where to order the development of a game inventory store Gaming

Most users prefer to buy goods for virtual games in specialized gaming stores, because it is here that you can find equipment of suitable power, good ergonomics and authentic design.

If you are planning to launch your own virtual games retail, please contact AVADA MEDIA. Our experts use all their experience in the field of game development and web development to create a powerful and attractive resource for gamers that will fully meet your requirements.

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