6 key changes that will make a company successful

Business Process Automation and Digital Business Transformation

6 key changes that will make a company successful

Business Process Automation and Digital Business Transformation 6 key changes that will make a company successful

Today, many talk about digital transformation, digitalization and the digital revolution, but not everyone is able to understand the depth and comprehend the totality of the changes that are taking place. The style of doing business, the management style of not only medium and large companies, but also government structures is changing. And in order to meet the challenges of time and new reality, continuous changes are required. Indeed, digital transformation is a process, not a result.

Today, digital transformation is a change in the whole business model and the philosophy of relationships with customers, staff, and market partners.

What you need to know about the transition of the market to the information age, and what digital changes can IT companies realize in business structures?

Digital transformation and automation of business processes

New management philosophy: business analysis, optimization and automation STEP 1

Today, the company’s stay in a growing trend and at the peak of success has accelerated and significantly reduced. In many cases, innovative projects and startups with a small staff achieve results faster and more efficiently than heavy corporations with a traditional approach. The first to play is flexibility, ease of decision making and a non-standard approach, which is implemented by digital transformation methods.

Uber-type internet taxi services are replacing classic car calling services, hotel and apartment reservation systems like Booking.com and Airbnb successfully compete with travel agencies, Monobank-type internet banking makes offices and branches unnecessary, and Rozetka-type online stores and marketplaces or Amazon devalues ​​supermarkets and retail outlets.

In order to withstand the competition of any modern company, you need to regularly review the current business model. And the more reliable and well-established the established relationship scheme and business logic are, the more radical and acute changes are often required.

Therefore, the first and key stage of digital transformation is business analysis. All existing schemes, business processes, workflow, roles and functionality of team members need to be fixed. And then replace them with digital algorithms if possible. This will help speed up work, abandon unnecessary staff and optimize the logic of operational processes. In simple words, this can be described as replacing a classic business model with a computer system of the type of CRM or ERP solution.

Digital transformation and automation of business processes

New technologies: clouds, artificial intelligence, mobility STEP 2

As already mentioned, in order to begin the digital transformation, it is not enough to abandon the use of printers and install new software on computers and laptops. Optimization of a business model requires the introduction of key modern technologies.

  • A cloud-based approach to data storage as opposed to server or local storage will provide fault tolerance, flexibility and openness of the computer model.
  • Ready-made solutions (widgets, frameworks, modules, libraries with open APIs) that can be used to automate management and communication will simplify the construction of business logic.
  • Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (for example, replacing the operator with a chatbot), the use of big data (for example, credit automation based on an array of personal information) and the Internet of things (user’s personal devices) will help to better realize the client’s needs.
  • The philosophy of Mobile First and the adaptive design of computer programs will ensure that the services are available 24/7 in any place where there is Internet access.
Digital transformation and automation of business processes

Relationship Transformation: Teamwork, Multichannel, Distance STEP 3

Yet the main resource that must survive the digital transformation is people. A new, more convenient digital philosophy must be mastered by both customers and staff – ordinary employees and top management. Along with the implementation of IT solutions and optimal business schemes, training, webinars, online conferences are required.

(Ua) Цифрова трансформація – це зміна всієї моделі взаємовідносин як на рівні клієнт – постачальник товарів або послуг, так і на рівні внутрішньокорпоративних взаємодій. Постійна комунікація, багатоканальність, безперервна зворотний зв’язок і впровадження цифрових систем з управління проектами, груповій роботі, дистанційної співпраці – ось важливі акценти, на які звертають увагу при впровадженні цифрового підходу.

Digital transformation and automation of business processes

Standardization of approach: scalability, flexibility, openness STEP 4

The resulting software tools can affect a variety of areas not only business, but also any other activity, including public administration (e-government), education (online learning), medicine (automatic diagnosis), science, art and much more. In business, this includes e-commerce, and fintech payment systems and financial transfers, and digital marketing and electronic advertising, and CRM and ERP tools for enterprise management.

The main thing in the implementation of these models is the ability to increase, scale and flexibly change the software algorithm. And therefore, digital transformation requires the involvement of high-quality specialists – business analysts, developers, UX / UI designers, testers and system architects.


Customer focus: working with personal data and creating scripts STEP 5

The key value of digital transformation is personal data. Moreover, data is not only information about the time and place of birth, gender and nationality of a person or the size of his bank account. Personal data is a vast array of behavioral information that can be digitally read.

Individual preferences in food, music or daily routine are just some of them. And often a computer analysis of an employee’s activities can tell more and better identify his strengths and weaknesses as a specialist than his own resume or financial report of the accounting department.

Algorithms can learn our behavior better than we know ourselves.

In many cases, a product selection program in an online store will advise a better option than a manager. Moreover, she will offer exactly the price that the client is willing to pay.

The human factor in this case is an element of uncertainty and rather the threat of a wrong decision. The new digital age is a new philosophy of attitude to life.


Business process automation: a simple and obvious result of digital transformation STEP 6

As a result of the implementation of these intelligent digital approaches, the business receives a specific software solution that realizes several goals at once.

  • Business transparency and consistency. The company’s activities are presented in the form of a set of algorithms that maximally simplify communication, decision-making schemes and interaction with partners and customers. This makes it easier to eliminate illogical, redundant, corrupt, and costly models and tools. For example, processing incoming orders automatically eliminates the possibility of human error and speeds up invoicing.
  • Optimization and acceleration of business logic. Software tools and algorithms make it possible to optimize the staff, reduce the likelihood of errors and the number of unnecessary operations, increase the efficiency of the company and, as a result, increase customer loyalty. A software solution for ordering goods with the possibility of the client’s independent choice of the method and place of delivery eliminates the need to maintain a staff of telephone operators. And the availability of online payment and automatic notification of the warehouse about the completed transaction further accelerates the execution of the order.
  • Ease of control and minimization of disruptions. Company management and responsible personnel gain access to software analytics tools and can quickly respond to ineffective employee performance. In addition, thanks to automation, one person will be able to perform a larger amount of work (for example, send out several thousand letters at once, not make a couple of calls). Evaluation of efficiency, presented in the form of graphs and diagrams, as well as tools for group work, make it possible to quickly find the best solution to the task, whether it be reducing logistics costs or optimizing the cost of raw materials.
  • Scalability and increased business profitability. As a result, the existing business model, which is presented in the form of an optimally built program, is easy to build up or clone, attracting a minimum number of additional specialists. It will be easier to open a representative office in another country even in the context of differences in legislation: the basic tools and logic of business processes will remain the same, algorithms will only need a specific profile adjustment. Naturally, all this opens up opportunities for the quantitative and qualitative growth of income.

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