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Youla is the second most popular platform for the sale and purchase of goods in Russia and the Russian-speaking segment of the chain, competing with Avito. Advertisements about goods and services from both entrepreneurs and individuals are placed here – hundreds of thousands of active ads are presented in hundreds of categories, and the user base contains more than three million names.

Of course, parsing content from youla.io is of considerable interest to many categories of entrepreneurs. With the help of Youla parser developed by AVADA MEDIA, you get the opportunity to collect information from a variety of fields, including those protected from parsing – for example, phone numbers and email addresses.

Thus, the Youla parser offers an effective way to find customers, suppliers, partners, analyze competitors and prices. Every day, the Youla  platform increases the reach of users, and the prospects of the site for parsing grows accordingly.

Using a parser, you can collect information about products, namely their descriptions and characteristics, with uploading data to the CMS of your online store. Thanks to this, the catalog will be filled quickly and without errors.


The benefits of parsing AVADA-MEDIA

Also, the results of Youla parsing can be used for advertising mailings, organizing dial-up of a database of phone numbers, for the needs of search engine optimization of the resource and for other purposes. Price analytics will allow you to generate the most appropriate price offers for your customers. Parsing is flexibly configured by the user, after which the program generates an array of data. Using parsing from Youla, you can extract the following fields:

  • phone number and name of the person who posted the ad;
  • title;
  • product description;
  • price;
  • location;
  • the category in which the ad is posted;
  • direct link to the ad;
  • date of placement;
  • number of views;
  • images.

The user can also configure the parsing cycle so that the program uses the received data for further search. It is possible to configure automatic parsing with a user-specified frequency. All this greatly simplifies the work of filling the catalog of the online store and searching for contacts of potential customers.



AVADA MEDIA offers the development of complex solutions in the field of parsing – programs that provide the ability to process data obtained during parsing, automatic translation, placement, saving in different formats and import into other programs. We will develop a highly specialized parser for you to collect information from a specific resource – the program will take into account its structure and features. Also, our parser allows you to bypass the limitations of parsing, captcha and other blocking.

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